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The world of smell proof cases and odor resistant bags feels like a vast expanse, options as far as the eye can see. Clear bags, black bags, white bags. From the smell proof backpack to the classic weed baggie, what is the best option? Keep reading because the best smell-proof bags for your weed are right at your fingertips.

How to Choose

You have to pick the right smell proof container for your needs. Think about the purpose. Think about size, design, color, durability. Is it purely to be discreet? Do you want a plastic baggie or something with an element of flair, a sprinkle of design? It’s up to you. Finding the right smell proof bag for you shouldn't be too hard. There is a slew of both affordable and higher-end options on the market. Narrow it down by determining your top priorities. Before you add anything to your cart, consider:

  • The size
  • The design and aesthetics
  • The color
  • The durability and material

We’re going to tell you a few of the top options and then you can choose for yourself. Smell ya later, or not.

Smelly Proof

Smelly Proof makes quality storage bags created to keep out odors. They are one of the more popular brands on the market; you might’ve already heard of them. Their bags come in a range of sizes and shapes like the extra extra small bags or the large storage bags. They offer black, white, and clear bags so you can pick a color that suits you best. You can easily shop the bags in their online store. Products start at $5.99 and go up to $105 for their bulk pack. Take these indoors or outdoors on any adventure. You’ll feel safe knowing your smelly goods are Smelly Proof.

Skunk Bags

Instead of a crinkly plastic bag, imagine a compact smell proof pouch that looks like a regular toiletry bag. Skunk Bags has a complete line of backpacks, cross body bags, weekender totes, and other modern travel essentials. Your perfect smell-proof duffle bag exists. The smell-proof part? The premium activated carbon lining offers smell protection. These bags are meant to be seen on the nightstand not hidden away in the back of your closet. They have a range of colors from green, tan, red, and denim blue. The hard part is trying to buy one before they sell out.

Interplanetary Development

The black smell proof baggies from Interplanetary Development come in a few sizes. The largest size comes in at 16 inches tall by 12 inches wide. These bags are resilient. They're supposed to remain resistant to tears and moisture. Use the easy seal to close the baggie. The black scent proof bags are sleek enough to tuck in your backpack or in your purse. You can buy in bulk or place smaller orders. These are a wonderful option because they’re a more elevated version of the baggies you get at a dispensary and the size range is impressive. You don’t always see black baggies so they’re easy on the eyes.

Helmet Head

Breathe easy with the added level of protection from a combination lock. The Helmet Head design feels universal with black and grey options. The smell proof bags for weed are discreet enough to take with you wherever you go. They look like a toiletry bag so they’d blend in with your essentials. It looks like something a person would have stored in their medicine cabinet with their daily moisturizer. They’re water-resistant and will keep your product free from moisture on those humid days. The fabric quality and compartments have reviewers falling in love. If you ever searched for odor-proof bags that are also weatherproof and lockable, Helmet Head is right up your alley. These would make the ideal gift for the weed aficionado in your life.

Discreet Smoker

It’s all in the name. Discreet Smoker does just what it says it does with their assortment of smell proof products like a case, stash box, or backpack, each of these items has a lock of course. Their items are tailored to the person who doesn’t want their roommate, spouse, child to know they smoke. Some people don’t want to walk around with a trail of au de cannabis wafting behind them, and that’s completely valid. These make the perfect place to store your rolling papers, grinder, and all your smoking accessories. Peace of mind is priceless.

Funk Fighter

Funk Fighter has duffel bags and backpacks, but their Pocket Bag is the all-star. This mini bag will fit just about anywhere, making it an ideal option for anyone who wants to take a mini stash with them on-the-go. It looks like a small bag for coins or cash with its utilitarian attached keyring and zipper feature. Just like the other products, it has carbon lining to trap and eliminate odors. Affordable, approachable, versatile. You can’t go wrong with the Pocket Bag. While not available to purchase on their website, you can find them on Amazon.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the smell proof world. There’s a whole realm out there. There are containers, jars, and unique doodads out there that we didn't even get a chance to touch upon. The bags we mentioned are some of the top-rated and most popular options among cannabis buffs and people who want smell-proof options for their cannabis storage.

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