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Some weed emergencies call for DIY apple bongs. Learning how to make an apple bong is easy. A homemade pipe may be a cheaper option, especially when you are pressed for time or at an inconvenient location – one that has a lot of apples.

Apples make for good bongs because they can be poked through easily to form chambers and tunnels. You can place your weed on top of the apple and suck in the fumes through a hole inside. Apples are not the hardest thing to hold in one hand, and you can enjoy your experience smoking with an apple.

Apple and a marijuana leaf for how to make an apple bong.

Making the Perfect Pipe for Smoking Weed

Smoking weed may be an art, but it is also a science. When you light up your bud, the fumes are what you need to inhale so you can benefit from all the properties of the cannabis flower. For this reason, you need an avenue for your smoke to pass through. You also need to sit your weed on a surface. The surface should be porous enough to let the smoke pass through and travel, then reach your mouth.

How to Build Your Own Bong

The steps involved with making a bowl for a bong require one to have a little experience in dealing with cannabis buds and the fumes it produces when lit. The bud catches fire quickly, and the fumes travel upwards unless directed in another direction by a downstem of sorts.

To figure out how to make a homemade bowl, you need to create channels for the smoke to flow through, using tools like a knife, chopstick, needle, or any object that can create a burrow.

You need to create a hole to inhale your product through, and also one to place your weed on. You may also need an additional material to hold the weed in place while you light it up, for example, aluminum foil.

Homemade Things to Smoke Out of

No matter what strain of indica or sativa you are partial to, you need a bong or pipe to smoke it out of. If you are fresh out of rolling paper or you want to add a bit of excitement to your pot session, then you might want to try out some of these homemade bongs.

  • Water bottles
  • Cans
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Mason jars
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Peppers

How to Make a Homemade Smoking Bowl

Creating a fruit bong or an easy pipe at home is not hard at all. You need to follow your homemade bong instructions properly, and with time, you will be a pro at creating bongs from things lying around your house. All you need is a place for your weed and a hole to suck your smoke through.

Take, for example, a regular smoking pipe – it holds a fair amount of product and has a tube to suck the smoke through. This is the basic structure to follow when creating your own pot bowl at home.

To make a pipe out of a banana, cut the tip off to make a flat surface. Then poke a hole through that surface, creating a short tunnel. Make another hole on the side of the banana so it can meet the first tunnel you created. Place your stash on the second hole and light up.

When creating a homemade water bong, all you need is a water bottle with some water in it, an empty sharpie or highlighter shell, and aluminum foil. Take the top off the water bottle. Then, poke a hole through the side of the bottle, close to the water level. Push your empty highlighter shell through the hole into the water.

Wrap the other end of the highlighter with aluminum foil, then take a needle and poke a few tiny holes through it. Place your kush on the aluminum foil and light up. Inhale through the mouth of the water bottle.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make an Apple Bong 

Step 1: Gather all the things you need

Most importantly, you need an apple, which will double as your homemade bong bowl. Next, you need a sharp tool to poke some holes with. You may use a chopstick, nail, toothpick, screwdriver, or a pen to dig a hole through your apple. Beyond that, you need your batch of weed, a lighter, and maybe a friend to share it with.

Step 2: Prep your apple 

You may want to wash your apple before you use it as a DIY weed pipe. It can also make for a tasty snack after you get high. You will need to take the stalk off your apple to create a space to place your weed when lighting it up. Find an apple with a relatively larger surface area for holding the weed. Either way, an apple is probably a last-ditch bong for taking a hit because it holds only little weed on it at a go.

Step 3: Poke the appropriate holes in the apple bong

Now comes the fun part. Start by poking a hole down from the stalk of the apple – not all the way through, stop halfway through the apple to create a channel or burrow. Poke another hole from the side of the apple all the way to approximately where the first burrow is. You will feel the crunch when you reach it. This hole will be your inhaling hole.

The burrow will lead the smoke to your mouth. You need a third hole, also known as a carb, for ventilation purposes. Create this hole by burrowing from the inhaling hole to the opposite end of the apple. It should pass through the original chamber.

Step 4: Light up the apple bong

Place your cannabis on the stalk area of your apple and light it up. Inhale through the side hole and blow out for your hit.

Now, you know how to make an apple bong. Your ready to smoke weed out of an apple just like you would any regular bong. 

How to Smoke Weed out of an Apple

When you are smoking out of an apple, you need to place your weed on the top of the apple, right where the stalk usually is. Light it up, hold a finger over the carb hole, and suck in through your inhalation hole. This makes sure that you aren’t wasting any smoke through the other hole. After this, you can let go of the finger holding the carb. And voila, you just had your first apple bong bowl hit.

Apple Bong FAQ's

What do I need to make an apple bong?

A fresh apple, a pen or similar tool to drill holes, and a little screen to cover the bowl to prevent weed from falling through are needed to make an apple bong.

How do you make an apple bong?

1. Remove the apple stem and slice a bowl-shaped hole at the top without going through.
2. Make a second apple-side hole that links to the first. This is the mouthpiece.
3. Another side can have a carb hole (a small hole covered by the finger during the initial draw and released to clear the chamber).
4. Light your cannabis on the apple stem and inhale through the side hole.

Can the apple flesh affect the taste of the smoke?

Apples can give smoke a fruity taste, which many users like.

How do you use an apple bong?

After making your apple bong, fill the top bowl with cannabis. Light the cannabis, cover the carb with your finger (if you made one), and inhale from the mouthpiece. Release the carb hole at the end of your inhale to expel smoke.

How often can I use an apple bong before it needs to be replaced?

A one-day or two-day apple bong is a temporary remedy. The apple will decay with time, impacting taste and bong structure.

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Can I eat the apple after using it as a bong?

It's feasible but not advised. Smoke and heat may flavour the apple, making it less appetizing. The apple's interior can also collect cannabis resin.

Is making an apple bong safe?

Given its natural and chemical-free nature, apple bongs are generally safe. However, all smoking poses a lung health risk. Apple bongs should be made using clean, safe materials.

What are the benefits of using an apple bong?

The apple adds flavor to smoke, is biodegradable, and easy to make. The apple is less suspicious and easy to dispose of, making it discreet.

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