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How to get rid of cannabis. Man smelling plant.

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

Yes, cannabis has a pungent smell, which oftentimes is hard to disguise, but it can be done in the smartest ways. When you take a quick whiff of a cannabis stash it is common that you may take a quick step back as the scent hits your inner nasal passage. Many cannabis enthusiasts have gotten accustomed to the smell. However, in many instances the aroma of cannabis has to be eliminated to cover it up, especially when growing cannabis close to neighbors and doing so outdoors or indoors.

Your neighbors may begin asking you questions. The reason for the pungent odor of cannabis is its level of terpenes. When the level of terpenes is high, its pungent smell is also higher. This is actually what makes various cannabis strains have aromas like lemon, fuel, fruit, skunk and pine. When it comes to cannabinoids, the smell is almost non-existent. Below, we will look at how you can conceal cannabis odor from the public. Bear in mind that someone with a trained nose might not be impressed.

Growing Weed Indoors

If you are growing cannabis indoors, you will still have to deal with cannabis odor. The smell will give you away any time. If you live far away from your closest neighbors, you stand a better chance. If you live in a busy area where you have to deal with passing traffic and the public, then this is another story. That means you have to take extreme care in how you handle this because you don't want to upset your neighbors with the pungent aroma of cannabis. They may report you to the police. In addition, you may attract potential robbers. How can you maintain clean air and get rid of cannabis odor? Let us look at some methods that have proven to work; at least minimally.

Carbon Scrubber

Carbon scrubbers or carbon filters is the usual method used to filter the air, especially in indoor grow systems. Most indoor growers attached the carbon filter to the ventilation system and that helps to get rid of the cannabis odor in the room. How? Well the aroma passes through the ventilation exhaust system and eradicates it from the atmosphere. Active carbon is used because it has a stronger absorption quality, binding the air molecules that would normally be responsible for the aroma. The cannabis odor will be removed with a good carbon filter without any leaks. However, this cannot be done without the ventilation exhaust system. For those growers who are working in smaller space, this might not be possible since the ventilation exhaust can be large and cumbersome. However, for most indoor cannabis cultivators, carbon scrubbers are the ideal recommendation to get rid of cannabis odor.

Negative Ion Generators

A negative ion generator or air ionizer will provide an electric charge from the air molecules to your indoor grow operation. The generator neutralizes the odor, removing it from the air. One thing you should note and that is you cannot put the generator inside the actual grow room. You have to place it in a room close by. Why? If you put the generator inside the grow room, you might deplete the flavor of your cannabis as well as get rid of the cannabis odor.

Hepa Filters

If you have never heard about hepa filters, these operate by trapping the large molecules, allowing for the removal of allergens, dust and air pollutants. Hepa filters are used for the filtration of cannabis odor and this is especially true if they contain activated charcoal. It won't get rid of all the aroma, but even some will make it worth your time.


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