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After putting in all that hard work to tend your marijuana plants, it has come time to harvest it. This involves cannabis drying and curing. Your cannabis buds are ready for you to try. However, you have to first dry them. You might feel tempted to do so as fast as possible. However, the curing process is going to take long because you have to remove the moisture from your flowers and you have to do so under a controlled environment.

Why? Well, doing so provides you with an improved end product. When you have proper cannabis drying and curing, then you will be able to store your weed much long without concern about losing the CBD content or have any worry about mold. When the flower is well cured, then you put in a container that is air tight and you store in a dark, but cool place for as much as two years and it doesn't lose all its potency. Now let's look at cannabis drying and curing in more detail.

Different Methods of Drying and Curing Cannabis

There are different methods for cannabis drying and curing. Most marijuana growers use the most popular technique, but with variation. You could do a water cure or freeze dry the cannabis buds or you could use dry ice. But in this article, the focus will be the easier and guaranteed method for the ideal results from your cannabis harvest.

Preliminary Cannabis Drying

The preliminary method for cannabis drying will depend on the harvest. However, most people cut the branches from the marijuana plants; about 12 to 16 inches. Then, they would get rid of the unwanted marijuana leaves, hanging the branches from a wire or string in a vertical position.

Some marijuana growers will cut the entire plant and hang it from the roof. Others will just snip off the marijuana buds from its branches and put them on a drying rack. Before cannabis drying, you can also completely manicure the flowers or you can wait until afterwards.

The Essentials

No matter the method you use, it is still important to keep the harvested marijuana in a dark space and make sure the temperature is between 60-70°F and keep the humidity at a range of 45 to 55 percent. Use a small fan to circulate air gently in the room. This is very important, if you want to maintain the aroma and flavor of your cannabis harvest and the finished cannabis product. It would also be helpful, if it is a large harvest to consider an A/C unit or dehumidifier.

The Cannabis Curing Procedure

There are certain factors that would affect the marijuana strain during the curing process. Once the flowers are feeling crunchy on its exterior and the tiniest branches can be snapped when bent and not folded, then it is time to go on to the next step. The preliminary cannabis drying process could take from five to fifteen days, but this is going to depend on the flower's density and its environmental condition.

Final Cannabis Cure

Once you have established that your marijuana buds are dry, then it is time to move on to the final curing process. Make sure your marijuana buds are properly manicured, separating them from their branches, if not yet done.

The next step is to put the trimmed buds in an airtight container. Make sure the container has a wide mouth and the flowers are packed loosely. Be sure the container is sealed properly and placed in a dark, dry and cool place to finish up the curing process. Open up the container several times during day after the first week of putting it into the container.

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After that, you won't have to open the container, but one time every few days.

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