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Cuttings are a very common way to help expand the growing of a rare strain. Around 150 cuttings have been given out at events for strains like Gorilla Glue #4. This helps the extremely strong strain to spread around the world and has become a favorite of a number of consumers.

Cannabis tissue culture cultivation is a new approach to propagate cannabis rather than cloning or using cuttings. Tissue culture has been around for 4 decades and is used extensively in agriculture.

The technology has not been leveraged until recently which could be from a lack of sharing knowledge across agricultural niches due to legal reasons. Most farmers might be a bit hesitant to bring a known marijuana cultivation professional on their property let alone teach them to grow superior marijuana.

Prior to tissue culture, seeding and cuttings were how propagation was handled. Setting up soil and planting seeds can be quite tedious without a guarantee the seed will grow appropriately. You are relying on the seeds that you get which can be a bit random as not all seed breeders pride themselves on quality seeds.

Cuttings were used to cut down the time needed to cultivate and allow to clone strains. This also allowed growers to recreate plants that were durable or had other positive features. Clones can have issues as they can be susceptible to pests, disease, and mold.

Tissue culture is an improvement for the most part when compared to traditional marijuana propagation tactics. The process is more rapid than using seedlings and more durable than clones. Tissue culture is not as complicated as it might sounds. There are DIY culture products that personal growers can invest in immediately.

How Does Cannabis Tissue Culture Work

Traditional methods do not allow cultivators to have a piece of living specimen. This does not take very much time or space which is always important for a busy grower. Tiny pieces of the plant’s tissues can produce hundreds of clones.

Tissue cultures begin from a small cutting from your cannabis plant. The cutting is then trimmed and goes through a thorough sterilization process. The tissue is then put in a nutrient culture that contains agar gel, hormone, sugar mixtures, and whatever else you need. Different hormones that are used can cause plants to go into different growing phases.

The culture will last until the grower wants to use that plant’s exact genetics again. New hormones will induce new stages of growth or can even trigger multiplication. After the multiplication, these will be clones that have the exact genetic material of the mother plant.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Trying Cannabis Tissue Culture

For people that are not the cleanest with their growing projects, you might need to clean up a bit. You need to make sure that your plants are also pest/disease-free. Cuttings are going to require quite a bit of upkeep while cultures will not.

You will have to time this well when using the tissue culture method. While cuttings still mature faster than tissue cultures as it only takes around 2 months until it is ready to plant. The tissue culture can take around a month or more to reach maturity.

If you are growing a massive crop, tissue culture is the method that you should use due to the sheer volume of identical clones.

Taking small samples from your favorite plants can allow you to grow a crop with the same exact genetics year after year. With more growers using this technique, there are sure to be more changes in the near future. The cannabis industry is quite innovative so look for these changes to come quicker than you can imagine.

Finding Quality Cannabis Seeds

Finding the right seeds or getting quality cuttings from a commercial grower can impact the quality of the cannabis that you grow. There are even some strains that are only cuttings available for due to cannabis companies not making seeds commercially available.

Certain seeds are sold in a limited number so acquiring some could allow you to grow exotic bud that impresses everyone.

Growing Your Own Cannabis Using This Technique

Commercial growers are likely to utilize this growing technique especially if they have had a plant that truly delivered quality marijuana. Using the tissue culture technique can allow you to grow the same genetics in a variety of ways so you can see what works best. The fact that you won’t really have to worry about disease or pests is just another added benefit of cannabis tissue culture.

Personal growers can find a tissue culture kit that can make this process far easier. This can be important when you find superior seeds that you want to continually use the genetics of for years to come. Seeds can be the most important factor when growing for an experienced grower that understands the growing process thoroughly.

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

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