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cannabis plants in a greenhouse, greenhouses for cannabis growing

Cannabis Plants in a Greenhouse

The use of greenhouses for cannabis growing has grown steadily with the acceptance of cannabis across the country. Greenhouses for cannabis growing has many advantages over indoor cannabis growing.

One of the great things of using a greenhouse to grow your cannabis plants includes the removal of some of the complexities that come from indoor grow room setups.

Greenhouses for cannabis growing is also considered by many to be superior to growing outdoors, as it is more secure yet also more consistent and predictable than growing cannabis outdoors.

Greenhouse for cannabis growing is the perfect situation especially for marijuana growers that are located in northern areas because it takes the best parts of the natural elements and combines it with protection against the worst parts of the same natural elements,

Greenhouses are much better on the environment than indoor cannabis growing is.Greenhouses for cannabis growing do not leave the negative footprint that indoor cannabis growing does.

Outdoor or Greenhouse?

It is sometimes difficult for cannabis growers to decide whether they would like to grow their marijuana plants in an outdoor setup or from within a greenhouse.

For these cannabis growers, buying and using a greenhouse may seem like a major commitment.

When growing marijuana in a greenhouse, it is more likely to encounter pests like small insects rather than rabbits, deer, and birds.

This will ensure the safety of your cannabis plants far more than if they were exposed outdoors and not inside a protected greenhouse.

Greenhouses for cannabis growing are the best way to grow cannabis in the opinion of Cannabis Training University.

A greenhouse is safer, you can easily have a terrific garden of other plants while intermixing cannabis plants in with them at the same time.

Cannabis Greenhouse Growing

Cannabis grown in a greenhouse can be set up in one of two ways. Either in separate containers or pots, or straight in the ground.

There are pros and cons for both options.

In the container fashion it is easier to move the growing cannabis plants whenever necessary. This is particularly useful if you are frequently visited by people as you can simply move the plants elsewhere so as not to attract unwanted attention.

Another good reason to move your container-grown cannabis plants might include extreme weather, such as rain, wind, or even snow.

On the other hand, if you decide to plant your cannabis straight into the ground, they will do much better when they are left alone for a longer period of time.

You can also grow cannabis plants hydroponically inside greenhouses as well.

It is important no matter which style of cannabis growing you choose that you begin with quality seeds or clones.

Genetics are the biggest factor when trying to grow huge, potent, healthy cannabis plants.

Automated Systems

One of the best things about greenhouse cannabis growing setups is the fact that it can be highly automated. You can make it so the day-to-day operations require much less effort on your part.

Modern greenhouses can be highly automated, with sensors connected to actuators which are able to open, close, increase, reduce or mix in order to keep any parameter that affects plants’ well-being at optimum levels during all phases of the growing process.

Even with a low budget and home-made approach to cannabis cultivation, a greenhouse is considered the perfectly efficient and eco-friendly method to grow marijuana.

Greenhouses allow for the growth of both periodic or auto-flowering cannabis strains in almost any season, in the ground, pots, or hydroponic systems.


Greenhouses for cannabis growing are also very secure. They can be locked, closed, covered, and kept out of sight of onlookers.

Start Growing Earlier in the Season

Most importantly, you can begin your growing season earlier than growing outdoors when growing in a greenhouse. Greenhouses get warmer earlier than just if you were growing outside.

The sun will make a greenhouse nice and warm, even before it would be warm enough outside of the greenhouse. When you start the cannabis growing season earlier, you will have more time for the vegetation phase of your cannabis plants.

As a result, your cannabis plants will be bigger and stronger for the flowering phase, giving you a stronger, bigger, and more potent yield!

This ability to lengthen the growing season for cannabis plants is why an increasing number of marijuana growers are choosing to grow their cannabis plants in a greenhouse instead of an indoor or outdoor method.

Growing in a greenhouse is a combination of growing outdoors and indoors. Natural sunlight is the main source of light and no more paying for the high cost of HPS lamps, resulting in a supreme natural taste of the marijuana plant.

Growing in a greenhouse will provide marijuana plants with an environment that is drier and warmer as compared to outdoors.

Marijuana plants can be started at an earlier time and flowering is longer but with a lesser possibility of frost killing the flowers.

What Style of Greenhouse?

There are lots of options when it comes to purchasing a greenhouse, the first thing to do is to pick your style; lean-to, free standing, or poly tunnel.

Lean-to greenhouses are assembled against the exterior wall of your house and retain any heat that permeates through the wall. They’re a good choice if space is at a premium since they are not very large.

Free standing greenhouses are usually apex shaped, similar to the shape of a house, and can be aluminium or wood framed. An important tip to remember is that, the larger the frame, the larger the shadows they will cast over your cannabis plants.

Poly tunnels are traditionally used in commercial horticulture. They are made of a curved aluminum frame with sheeting stretched over it to form a solid structure. They’re usually less expensive than traditional greenhouses, but the sheeting will need replacing every 3-5 years.

Unless you’re very tight on space for your cannabis greenhouse, it’s a good idea to buy the next size up. It’s great to have some space to work and move around in when tending your cannabis plants.

How to Grow Cannabis in a Greenhouse

Humidity is very important for growing in a greenhouse. Keep humidity in balance because too much of it can cause problems like mold growth that will cause damage to cannabis plants. Give only the amount of water that marijuana plants need. To keep humidity in a balance level, regulate the exchange of air in your cannabis greenhouse.

Secure ventilation fans, heaters, circulation fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioning units and other devices will help in achieving the optimal temperature for your cannabis plants.

Where to Buy Your Greenhouse for Cannabis Growing

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Greenhouses for cannabis growing can be a great investment. We highly suggest using greenhouses for cannabis growing instead of growing cannabis indoors.

What do you think? Have you tried greenhouses for cannabis growing?

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