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How Much Infused Oil To Use

Use this calculator to find out how much infused and non-infused oil to use in a recipe to get the desired potency. You can also use this recipe to find out how much cannabis tincture to use in a recipe.

* NOTE: 224 gm = 8 oz = 1 cup = 16 tbsp






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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this cannabis calculator?

This cannabutter dosage calculator will show you how to cook and dose cannabis edibles. Use it to make sure the edibles made from your cannabutter recipes have the perfect edible dose. This cannabutter ratio calculator will tell you the amount of cannabis-infused ingredients to use when dosing edibles to make edibles with a custom dose.

To determine the exact dosage of your homemade cannabis edibles, simply enter information about your recipe and the potency of your cannabutter. You can use the Multiple Recipe Infusion Calculator to get an estimate of your marijuana oil potency.

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How does this marijuana calculator work?

This calculator uses the information you provide about your infusion potency and your recipe to calculate the amount of infused oil you should use using simple arithmetic.

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Do I need to have a license to make cannabutter products for my friends?

In most areas with legal medical or adult-use cannabis programs, patients (and sometimes recreational consumers) are legally allowed to make marijuana infusions for personal use without a license. In many areas, citizens are allowed to give away a limited amount of cannabis or marijuana-infused products to other people, as long as no money is exchanged.

For the specific laws in your area, sign up for one of CTU’s marijuana training courses. ALL of CTU’s cannabis certificate programs provide detailed marijuana laws in all US states and Canadian provinces.

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How do you make edibles?

It’s easy to make cannabis edibles! Just use cannabutter instead of regular butter to create cannabutter recipes. Use this cannabis cooking calculator to find out how much cannabutter to use when dosing edibles.

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If I want to sell my cannabutter products, do I need a license?

Yes, you do! But don’t let that stop you!

To learn more about getting a cannabis business license to start an edibles business, sign up for the Cannabis Cooking Pro Certificate Program.

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