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Our guide on how to get cannabis jobs in Delaware gives you a rundown on what jobs are available and how you can get them. Delaware's medical marijuana program has shown consistent growth over the years. While its program is limited in nature, recreational cannabis laws are expected to be coming soon to the state. If you want to have the best chance of getting hired, follow our pro tips to jumpstart your career.

Different Cannabis Jobs in Delaware

Currently, only medical cannabis use is legal in Delaware. The state has 6 active compassion centers where patients and caregivers can legally purchase medical marijuana. Only a handful of companies can grow and process in the state.

While cannabis jobs are relatively scarce compared to other more mature markets, the state is on the brink of expanding its medical cannabis and recreational market. If you're looking to enter into the state’s cannabis workforce, here are some of the most in-demand jobs.


  • Budtender: Answer questions about cannabis products, strains, and delivery methods. Advise patients on products based on their medical condition.
  • Receptionist: Greet and check-in patients to ensure they have the correct identification. Answer calls and emails, as well as update online social profiles and menu.
  • Security guard: Provide armed security presence and monitor for suspicious activity in and around the premises.
  • Dispensary manager: Drive business, maximize profits, and ensure employees meet company and state/local guidelines.


  • Trimmer: Trim a large volume of mature cannabis plants efficiently and rapidly. Separate the stems, sugar leaves, and other undesirable plant matter from the buds.
  • Grower’s assistant: Assist in plant production activities such as cutting clones, transplanting plants, fertilization, pest management, and harvesting.
  • Head grower: Manage a team of assistants and delegate work across the facility. From seed to harvest, manage the plants’ health to grow high-quality flower buds.


  • Packager: Roll, weigh, and package a variety of cannabis products. Label and help with deliveries to ensure the facility is well stocked.
  • Edibles chef: Produce and package edible products. Daily activities include prepping, cleaning, cooking, and labeling products.
  • Inventory specialist: Maintain inventory, perform regular audits, and organize the back room. Inventory specialists can work at packaging facilities and retail shops.
  • Quality control specialist: Sample and inspect finished products. Address customer complaints and product investigations. Ensure the production meets brand and regulatory guidelines.

Minimum Age Requirement for Cannabis Jobs in Delaware

If you want to get a cannabis job in Delaware, you must be at least 21 years of age or older. While patients 18 and older and minors with parental consent can obtain a medical cannabis card in Delaware, they can't work in a cannabis facility unless they are 21 years of age.

Legal Requirements: Background Checks

Apart from the minimum age requirement, cannabis employees in the state must not have been convicted of an excluded felony offense or drug misdemeanor within five years. Every employee of a registered cannabis facility must obtain a background check. A background check must be performed every five years.

How to Get Cannabis Jobs in Delaware

While there are only 3 major vertically integrated operators in Delaware, that may soon change. Recently, the state has moved forward with accepting new operational license applications. In addition, lawmakers are expected to reintroduce a legalization bill in 2021. Here's what you can do to get hired in this growing industry:

  • Do your homework: Read up on the cannabis plant, its effects, and how the industry works. Read books, blogs, newsletters, and other industry publications to stay on top of trends and developments. Research the different available jobs and determine which one you’d like to pursue. Understand the job duties of your chosen gig to prepare yourself for the real thing.
  • Get certified: Getting certified from a renowned cannabis education program looks good on a resume. Online cannabis industry training is an affordable and convenient way to gain a greater understanding of every major area of the market. Cannabis Training University is ideal for job seekers of all skill levels and covers a variety of topics including (but not limited to):
    • Cannabis extraction
    • Cannabis cultivation
    • Cannabis laws
    • Cannabis as medicine
    • Cannabis cooking
  • Build your skills: Are you looking for a cannabis job but have no relevant work experience? Start by finding work in a non-cannabis job that requires the same hard skills. If you have the right soft skills already, any additional work experience can help train you to work in a similar job in cannabis. Ideally, applicants who have at least one year of experience in a related field are preferred.
  • Meet with the industry: Connecting with like-minded individuals is crucial to building your support network. Not only does it help you find a job, but you are able to band together and truly make a difference. Start by attending local industry events and making your face known to this small but growing community. If possible, volunteer to help your local cannabis reform efforts. Any experience in the industry is a plus.
  • Apply: Check online cannabis job boards religiously. Indeed and Linkedin are the big players here. Search local and out-of-state if necessary and if the state allows out-of-state workers. Staffing agencies can help simplify the job search. Apply with a solid resume and cover letter detailing your achievements and why you are the best pick for the job.

Delaware Cannabis Career Training

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