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Cannabis trimmer jobs have seen several changes in the medical and recreational marijuana business. In years past, these jobs were usually seasonal or part time. However, cannabis grow operations were designed with close proximity and frequent harvest as the goal.

These days, trimming is one of the most dependable ways for people to make a good living. Cannabis trimmer jobs are versatile. You not only trim the marijuana plant, but you also help the grower to do other things around the operation facility. You could substitute for the budtender or help with facility maintenance. Or you could even assist the main grower. 

Cannabis trimmer jobs are one of the 420 careers with highly skilled and highly paid features, if you have the appropriate training. You can receive training from the online Cannabis Training University.

It is recommended that you take as many courses as you can so that you can be more marketable and flexible. Your job will be secure if you have more than one skill sets and adequate industry knowledge.

Legitimate Laborer

As a trained and skilled Cannabis bud trimmer, you will be well sought after as a legitimate laborer, away from the black market. It is not uncommon for people from different areas of the world to migrate to locations where marijuana has been legitimized in order to secure a cannabis career.

California, Washington, Colorado and Florida are some of the states where people migrate for this. The states that have not yet embraced legal marijuana could be catching up in a few years.

Working as a Migrant                                         

Cannabis trimmer jobs are being done by many of these migrants. Some of them work indoors while others work where marijuana is grown on the outside. Harvest season for outdoor growing is in October and November and this is when you see the most people migrating to the states that need their help.

If you choose one of the cannabis trimmer jobs where you work indoors, then work will be available all year round


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Working Freelance                                                                    

You could even work on a freelance basis, going from one grow operation to the next. You could set your price, but the going price is usually between $300 and $500 each day. That is a considerable amount and you will earn this amount as long as you are trained, skilled and efficient. You can set your own hours and your terms.

Interesting Cannabis Career

Cannabis trimmer jobs are excellent for those individuals who want to excel in the marijuana industry or embark on a new and interesting cannabis career. It is for someone who does not mind physical work, focused tasks and long hours. With the intense focus required and love for what you do, those hours won’t seem as long.

Over time, you will learn how to work productively and faster too. You will soon see the leaves piling up more. In some grow operations; you will be assigned to trim a specific strain. This will allow you to become a specialist in no time.

Higher Than a Budtender

Cannabis trimmer jobs pay more than budtender jobs. In fact, you could earn as much as twice their earnings. In some grow operations; your pay is calculated by the weight of how many leaves you have trimmed. This is a great opportunity to increase your salary, especially if you learn how to work fast and accurately.

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The Qualifications to Become a Cannabis Trimmer

There are qualifications that come with cannabis trimmer jobs. Overall, the knowledge is what is most important. To gain knowledge the Cannabis Training University has you covered.

Learn about various marijuana strains, the plant’s anatomy and attributes as well as possibly working with marijuana plants. You should also be trustworthy, hardworking and focused. Enroll today at the Cannabis Training University and become a Master of Marijuana.