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How to Become a Marijuana Advocate. Lady holding a marijuana plant.

How to Become a Cannabis Advocate

Many individuals think that the fight against cannabis legalization was over, but it is not and that is why advocacy is always going to be part of the ongoing discussion. For that reason, you can become a cannabis advocate, if you are passionate about the laws and the industry at large.

It was in 2012 that voters in Colorado cast their ballots for the legalization of commercial cannabis. However, that victory resulted in some smaller fights over problems related to limitations for home-grown cannabis, expansion of the cannabis industry and social consumption by consumers.

On the state and local level, even today, proposals are popping up as a means of advocating for legal cannabis across the board. In so doing, this would lift the limitations placed on cannabis and unfold the rights of cannabis consumer. As a cannabis advocate, you would be able to not only help consumers, but also the home grower, the patient and the business owner.

Your Responsibilities

Your job as a cannabis advocate is to ensure that issues are resolved and things go in the appropriate direction. As a cannabis advocate, you would also go to local meetings held to discuss issues related to cannabis law changes, updates and guidelines. Many of these decisions that government make tend to affect the lives of so many local people in the neighborhood.

You would go to county board meetings, city council meetings and municipal meetings so that these groups are not let off the hook as it relates to working out the issues in favor of the cannabis industry and population. In the meetings, you may have to speak up against Amendment 64, which permits counties and municipalities to make a choice whether they should allow or ban cannabis business owners from operating in the neighborhood.

You would have to take your advocacy to communities, counties and towns that limit the home grower or medical cannabis patients. Your responsibility is to work on behalf of the users, growers and patients that are unable to advocate on their own behalf.

Voicing Your Opinion

As a cannabis advocate, you would be able to voice your opinion by sharing it with your peers and community members at public meetings. You could write emails to elected officials about how you feel about decisions that affect the cannabis industry and its population of users.

After a public meeting, you could approach elected officials to voice your concerns and if you do this enough times, they will soon know exactly who you are and be prone to help you or steer you in the right direction.

The Legislators

Make sure that you keep a keen eye on legislators to find out the changes that they are thinking of making. As a cannabis advocate, you will have to know the cannabis laws yourself and so that is why training is helpful. Seek training at a reputable cannabis training school so you can land a job as a cannabis advocate or even a cannabis lawyer. Many of these courses can be done at home, in your own time and at your own pace.

You cannot become a cannabis advocate if you don't find out what the laws are and the changes being potentially made by legislators. If you cannot attend a meeting, you can keep abreast of the shenanigans by listening to the meeting recordings, which are usually posted on their website.

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The Group Setting

Join or start an advocacy group where the actions of your legislators will be discussed and plans can be made on how to approach any changes or limitations that affect cultivators, business owners and others in the cannabis industry. Seek public support as a cannabis advocate and help to pass bills that will make life better for a cannabis grower, for example. Attend different cannabis events to see what others are doing in different states that have legalized cannabis.

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