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Looking to learn about Oregon cannabis laws? Look no further.

Oregon currently joins other western U.S. states where personal, medical, commercial, and industrial use of marijuana has certain degrees of legality. It's a great chance to move to Oregon and start a career in the cannabis industry, because more possibilities exist than you may know.

Before moving there to start a career in this exciting field, it's a good idea to learn details about Oregon cannabis laws. Many legal analysts point out cannabis laws in Oregon are still in flux, despite the population there realizing the potential of making marijuana legal.

Basically, you can consolidate all cannabis laws there into four categories. These fall under personal, medical, commercial, and industrial hemp.

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Let's look at the above Oregon cannabis laws to see what you need to adhere to.

Personal Use Laws

Back in July of 2015, personal marijuana use officially became legal in Oregon, though only when possessing less than an ounce. This is only for those aged 21 and above, which shouldn't affect you if you're college age and ready to educate yourself on the cannabis industry.

Another provision to personal use is you can't use marijuana in public places, or within public view. You can also cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household, as long as it's not visible to the public.

Back in October, the next phase of this law went into effect allowing anyone over 21 to purchase up to seven grams of marijuana,nonflowering plants, and seeds from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Overall, you can possess up to eight ounces of dried flowers, 72 ounces of infused liquids, 16 ounces of infused solids, or one ounce of extracted oil.


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Medical Laws

Those with specific medical conditions in Oregon can possess marijuana legally as well, though within the personal laws set forth above. However, you need proof of diagnosis from a licensed medical doctor to qualify.

One stipulation to this law includes not being able to grow no more than six mature plants at a time. As of March, though, those using cannabis for medical purposes have no limitations on the amount of immature cannabis plants they can grow.

Added in March was an Oregon Health Authority requirement for medical growers to undergo a registration process that some consider burdensome.

In total, a patient can use a caregiver and a grower to collectively grow up to 24 ounces of legal marijuana.

Commercial Laws

The commercial possibilities for selling cannabis in Oregon are already underway and give you some great business opportunities. Through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, you can turn in applications for either production, processing, wholesale, or retail commercial marijuana use.

In the medical marijuana industry, this poses myriad business fortunes. They can apply as well and legally sell to OLCC licensed retail stores.

Industrial Hemp Laws

You might not know legally producing industrial hemp has already been on the books since 2010. With the more recent laws passed above, the Oregon Industrial Hemp Program became further refined to make this industry potentially thrive.

Through the Oregon Department of Agriculture, anyone who wants to go into this industry can apply to cultivate and process industrial hemp. This includes selling agricultural hemp seed with farmers allowed a minimum crop of 2.5 acres.

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Recently, hemp gets used widely in Oregon to produce everything from clothing to fuel and paper.

These are some of the exciting Oregon cannabis laws as of this date. But be certain, cannabis laws are always changing and hopefully continue to evolve.

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