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The Citrus Sap strain is not going to disappoint anyone in terms of flavor and potency. This weed tastes great but can be too powerful even for daily smokers. The strain can be a delicious way to make your own path into trying potent strains. Below will contain the details that you need to know about Citrus Sap.

Genetics of Citrus Sap Weed Strain

Is Citrus Sap Strain an Indica or Sativa?

Citrus Sap is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid of Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie. The strain is going to relieve you of any pain and allow your body to relax. You will also be hit by that mental energy while a bit sedated which makes for a perfect high.

Gorilla Glue #4 has traditionally been known to be at the top of the strongest strains in cannabis. You are literally going to be glued to any surface you are sitting on after consumption. There have been grows of this strain that have tested at well over 30 percent THC.

Tangie could be one of the most delicious strains in cannabis. You can expect this to lift your mood and to have around 20 percent THC. The fact that it has a citrus flavor is just an added benefit of investing in this strain.

Finding hybrids that are of similar lineage can allow you to find the perfect hybrid for you. You might be looking solely for effect while others would rather focus on flavor. Strains that have similar effects to that of Citrus Sap are Garlic Breath and Motorbreath.

Citrus Sap Strain Yield

Citrus Sap can be grown indoors or outdoors. Warmer climates will have an advantage as an early cold period during the growing season can trigger early flowering. You want to make sure this strain is quite warm throughout its growing cycle.

Indoors you can expect 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot. Outdoors you will get around 400 grams per plant which is a very healthy yield.

Yield is going to be impacted by so many factors that only an experienced grower can manage them all simultaneously. Understanding which strains are going to thrive in your local environment is going to be of paramount importance. Strains might need it to be warmer or cool or the humidity to be controlled due to being susceptible to mold.

Flowering Period

The flowering period of Citrus Sap is 8 to 10 weeks. The appearance of this bud is bright green chunky nugs. There are golden hairs along with golden trichomes present.

Growing marijuana can be a challenge if growing outdoors as you will be at the mercy of nature. Indoor grows can be easily controlled with a bit of ventilation and knowledge. Strains that are similar to grow to that of Citrus Sap are Lemon Cake and Lemon Tree.

THC Content Of Citrus Sap

The THC content of Citrus Sap varies from 22 to 24 percent. No beginner should start with this strain as it is going to be far too potent. The high is one that you will truly enjoy due to the balanced nature of it.

Flavor And Aroma Of Citrus Sap Strain

The flavor is going to be of citrus and fruit. The aroma will be citrus, oranges, and dank. The terpenes that are available in this strain are Phellandrene, Ocimene, Pinene, and Sabinene.

Phellandrene can help an individual reduce pain levels and increase their energy levels. Strains that include this terpene are Sour Bubba and Monkey Paw.

Ocimene has the aroma of wood and a fruity enjoyable taste. The terpene can help a perfect improve their mood and give them a bit of energy. Strains that contain this terpene at reasonable levels are Triangle Kush and Blueberry OG.

Pinene is a terpene that is closely associated with strains that are high in CBD. Pinene is in a number of plants. The terpene can also be found in Purple Urkle and Alien Cookies.

Sabinene is going to have a flavor that can be likened to nutmeg. The benefits of this terpene include anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to calm an upset stomach. Strains that contain this terpene are Doc OG and Sticky Buns.

Finding strains where you love the flavor could take a while to figure out. You might love the citrus flavor and want it regardless of the effects you desire. Strains with a similar flavor to Citrus Sap are Blue Dream and Red Dragon

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

Weed can help people with so many medical issues if people were willing to try it as a remedy. The ways that marijuana can be used are also diverse. Citrus Sap can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stress

The CBD levels in this strain are not very high but you can supplement this in a number of ways. You can take a CBD edible or smoke a CBD strain at some point during the day. You want to make sure the cannabinoids in your body are providing you with the most relief possible.

Final Verdict On The Citrus Sap Weed Strain

The Citrus Sap strain is one of those that you need to try if you love a balanced high. The relaxation without sedation along with mental motivation make it great for any point in the day.

Growing the strain will be very difficult if you live in an area known for a few cold snaps during the growing season. Growing this strain indoors is going to be far easier than growing outdoors.

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Finding seeds is not going to be overly difficult and the strain shouldn’t be tough for a seasoned grower to take on. A beginner might want to wait a bit before trying this strain in a grow. If you live in a very warm climate, this strain could potentially be quite easy to grow outdoors.

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