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The Garlic Breath strain is so much more attractive than garlic breath on a date. The strain is not just delicious but also potent for most marijuana consumers. The strain can be perfect to start smoking potent strains as you likely will just fall asleep if you smoke too much.

Lineage Of The Garlic Breath Strain

Garlic Breath is a hybrid of Hogs Breath and Chemdawg D BX2. The strain is the ultimate one to use before bed to help you drift off to sleep. You can smoke this and get some chores done that don’t exactly require you to be as sharp as you can be.

Hogs Breath has won a Cannabis Cup even though it is not very potent with around 13 percent THC. People can find relief and relaxation without being couch-locked or falling asleep. The strain actually smells like a wet dog which is quite unique.

Chemdawg D BX2 is massively potent with up to 25 percent THC. You will feel creative and quite hungry so make sure you have some munchies around. The strain has been used to help treat conditions like PTSD and depression.

Garlic Breath can be compared to certain classic Indicas like Northern Lights. Finding strains that truly relax you mentally can allow you to rejuvenate. Other strains that have a similar high to Garlic Breath are Jack Herer and LA Sunshine.

Strain Yield Of Garlic Breath Marijuana

The yield a grower can expect outdoors is immense with up to 20 ounces or around 550 grams a plant. Indoors you will get a lower yield with around 2 ounces per square foot.

The strain yield is going to be very healthy with Garlic Breath without an extremely long flowering phase. Finding quality seeds is what needs to be done as you could be limited from the start with seeds with terrible genetics. Growing this strain outdoors can be risky from a security angle as it can be so pungent during flowering.

Flowering Phase Length Of Garlic Breath

close up cannabis plant, garlic breath strain

The flowering period of Garlic Breath is 8 to 9 weeks. The nugs are dark green bright hairs covering each bud. The trichomes look like sand as they are quite prevalent and have an amber hue.

Growing the strain can be moderately tough but an experienced grower shouldn’t have any problems. All strains can present a challenge if you haven’t figured out the optimum watering schedule for a particular strain. The environments that some strains thrive in are so different that it is incredible that it is the same plant species.

THC Percentage Of Garlic Breath Strain

Garlic Breath has a THC percentage of 16 to 21 percent. You can rely on this strain as one that will allow you to get to sleep if you have been having trouble. Don’t wake and bake with this strain as it can make certain simple tasks a little too complex.

Flavor And Aroma Of Garlic Breath

The flavor of Garlic Breath is going to be of pine and herbs. The aroma will be of chemicals and herbs. The terpene profile is made up of Limonene, Ocimene, and Myrcene.

Limonene will unsurprisingly have the taste and aroma of citrus fruit. The terp can help combat anxiety and depression. Strains with this terpene are White Runtz and Mango Tango.

Ocimene will have an aroma of wood and a taste of fruit. You can expect a burst of energy from strains that contain this terpene. Expect this terpene to be in strains like Gushers and Jack Frost.

Myrcene allows a consumer to relax their mind and body. These effects make this terp great for treating those that suffer from insomnia. Two strains that contain this terpene at high levels are Ice Cream Cake and Blue Dream.

Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Neptune Seed Banks and Pacific Seed Bank both carry Garlic Breath seeds. It is important to note that receiving seeds is the mail is federally illegal in the United States. There are other options to find the seeds that you would love to use during your next grow.

Heading to a dispensary might be the first option but certain seeds might go out of stock very quickly. A nursery that grows pot can be a good place to get a clone or clipping. Even though seed banks might mail seeds, you won’t want to deal with the trouble you could get in for doing so.

Price Of Garlic Breath Pot

You can expect to pay up to $205 per oz. An 1/8th is going to cost $35 to $40. The strain has been measured at up to 25 percent THC so it can be a great investment.

Medical Conditions Garlic Breath Strain Can Help

Weed is something that so many opponents of the plant have found brings them relief. Garlic Breath can provide a form of relief for the following medical conditions:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

The CBD content in this strain is moderate so it can act as a decent medical strain. There are strains with more THC and CBD if you want to be more medicated. Look for strains that bring you relief as this natural way of finding relief can change your life.

Final Thoughts On The Garlic Breath Weed Strain

Garlic Breath is a strain that you should invest in if you find flower or seeds available. People that love Indica effects are sure to love this relaxation-inducing strain. Growing can be tricky so getting the help of a professional can be immensely useful.

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Growing weed is tough to do for some people that have not grown any plants in the past. Some plants are far more durable than others and require little care besides light/water. There are so many guides online that can get you started and courses available for those that want to grow like professionals.  

Garlic Breath has a humorous number like a number of other strains. What is your favorite strange marijuana strain name?

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