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How to Pot Weed in A Closet. Cannabis plants.
How to Grow Weed in A Closet

The marijuana plant is known for being widely consumed and grown, but it can be quite a challenge to coax this plant into its full bloom. This is especially true when it is being grown at home. Yes, you can grow weed at home, but there are several factors that influence its growth. Some of these factors include lighting, air flow, temperature, growth techniques, nutrients and more. For beginners, this could be quite an intimidation. If you want to grow weed in your closet and you are not certain how to do this, read on. Let's get started.

The Setup

The first thing you do is to choose your setup. You have a few options, but mainly the closed loop system or high CFM system, which means that you must select the best lighting option, and the right space. You also have to be aware of how hydroponic systems work and the nature of the soil that you will use. Other things to consider are surfaces easy to clean, proper water supply, reflective walls and sufficient lighting. You also need the ideal space to organize your tools and room for ample growth and consistent air flow. Choose the appropriate device so you can monitor the humidity and temperature.

The Germination Phase

For thriving germination, get all the materials needed to transform your cannabis seeds into marijuana sprouts. Of course, a medium will be needed for the marijuana seeds. You will also need a water basin, humidity dome, pH testing kit, seedling tray, TDS pen and a heat mat for your seedlings. Assemble all these materials and get started. You will also need to know how to change the pH in the water supply for added stability. Inspect the marijuana seeds and get rid of the worse ones before you start planting. Be sure that the environment encourages the growth of your seedlings. This is an important phase in how to grow weed in a closed environment. Give it a few days before checking back to see how your cannabis seeds are doing.

The Transplanting Phase

Now that your cannabis seeds are successfully germinated, it is time to do your transplanting. When you grow weed in a closet in your home, it will need to be transplanted after germination. It is pretty much taking your marijuana plants from its toddler stage to a teenager stage. When you germinate and transplant your seeds, it saves on water, supplies and nutrients. Find the right space to accommodate your fully grown plants.

The Nutrients

Nutrients are essential to successful growth of marijuana plants. If you grow weed in your home, you still need to use the right nutrients. If you want your plants to grow and survive successfully, you should use mineral and non-mineral nutrients like phosphorous, carbon, calcium, potassium, hydrogen, copper, chloride, oxygen, zinc, born and sulfur. There are different nutrient requirements for a hydroponic system and the soil based system. You also have to pay attention to your plants so they don't suffer from nutrient deficiency.


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The Vegetative Stage

You also need to know the various stages of how to grow weed and one of this is the vegetative stage. This is one of the most important stages in the growing process. During this stage, you have to make the right decisions for your marijuana plant. For example, the length of your vegetative stage will be determined by getting the setup done right in the beginning. During the vegetative stage, you have to ensure wise pruning, regular watering schedule, sufficient lighting, enough nitrogen and potassium and good airflow.

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Final Thoughts

Other areas of importance include cloning your marijuana plants, if you want to abandon the germination phase. When the vegetative stage has been completed, then you will be armed with the right steps to deal with the flowering stage so you can be ready for harvest. Learn more about how to grow weed in a closet by visiting the Cannabis Training University.