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No matter how good a grower you are, no one is immune to being caught out in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And even if growing cannabis is legal in your area, you may have other problems on your hands such as thieves and nosy neighbors. With that said, the truth is that outdoor cannabis cultivation can be an ideal scenario – if you are careful about it.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled this nifty list of stealth outdoor grow ideas for cannabis that will help keep you out of the sight and minds of people who are out to get you. At the end of every growth cycle, your drying and curing skills may be equally important to retaining that same harvest. Let’s get straight to the ideas.

1. Picking a Spot for a Stealth Outdoor Grow

First thing’s first – you’ve got to pick the safest spot for your outdoor grow.

– Scope Out the Spot

Initially, you want to inspect any possible grow site at least three times during the week and make sure to make note of any (unwanted) visitors or passers-by.

Another technique is to thoughtfully leave a twenty-dollar bill in more than one random place around the chosen area. Put it somewhere visible yet steady so the wind doesn’t blow it away. If your notes are still there upon your return two weeks later, you know that the spot is most probably safe and free of society.

– Hide your Weed Plants from Plain View

Change your perspective for a moment and cognitively look into your yard or garden from outside your growing space. Walk around outside and ensure that your cannabis plants are not able to be seen from the neighbor’s – or anyone’s view.

– Far from a Visible Path

If you’re growing away from home, like in the woods, be sure to stay far away from any path, and do not to leave any tracks or marks when visiting your precious outdoor grow.

2. Disguise Your Cannabis Plants

– You can plant your cannabis in a decorative container that makes it grow in a non-typical pattern. See more in the section below.
– Greenhouse or other outdoor structures are a good way to go for outdoor growing, as they obscure the view from the inside. This option is discussed in more detail below.
– It’s only logical to keep your weed plants shorter than your fence.
– You can cut the tips off the leaves to make them look less like cannabis plants.
– Plant all sorts of colorful flowers and other accommodating plants nearby.

Good plants to hide your weed with include the following:

– Pride of Madeira
– Staghorn sumac
– Jasmine
– Lavender
– Chrysanthemum
– Coriander
– Costmary

Choosing the Right Strains

As a general rule, try to choose strains that are low on odour, such as Northern Lights, as opposed to danky, gassy strains such as Sour Diesel and Chemdawg.

Some outdoor growers prefer to use a special strain developed by Dutch Passions, the Frisian Duck. This unique cannabis plant features webbed leaves that are a result of stabilized natural deformity. The Frisian Duck is a popular choice for outdoor and greenhouse cannabis growers, as the plant gets bigger, they are harder to recognize.

3. Changing Growth Patterns for Stealth Outdoor Growing

You can bend you plants in ways that will make it differ from a typical “Christmas Tree” shape and you can bend them to not end up growing as tall. Low stress training can be helpful to grow marijuana plants in various shapes and sizes.

4. Outdoor Cannabis Growing in a Greenhouse

If you have decided on growing your cannabis in a greenhouse it can be a good way to help cut down on odors. An air filtration system is one way to help you minimize the smell of weed in your greenhouse cannabis garden.

Installing cameras for security can also help and scare off potential thieves. You can also share the footage with authorities if need be if someone happens to commit theft in your garden.

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5. Keep the Smell Under Control

Another pivotal factor is concerning the smell of a cannabis grow operation. Try to make sure the odor from your weed is kept under control. The smell of weed after the flowering phase can be overwhelming. Make sure not to forget it!

6. Keep Quiet

Keep your cannabis growing plans to yourself, even more so if it is in a country or place where growing weed is illegal.

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