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The Creme Brulee strain is named after one of the most popular desserts in the world. The taste and potency will not disappoint anyone that tries their luck with this strain.


Creme Brulee is an 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Platinum Kush. If you want to have a lazy day or unwind after work, this strain will deliver on the pleasurable experience of relaxation. Keep a few snacks around as this strain has been known to create quite the case of munchies.

Girl Scout Cookies along with hybrid strains bred from this famous strain have gained quite a bit of popularity. The THC content can go up to around 26 to 28 percent and is a perfect strain to be used by medical patients.

OG Kush was first bred in Southern California and is incredibly famous. The strain hits you immediately with up to 25 percent THC. You will relax with this strain which is why it makes it perfect for so many medical conditions.

Platinum Kush truly looks like jewelry with the shiny trichomes that give it its look. The cannabinoid profile makes it great for a number of medical conditions. You are going to be mellowed out by this strain although you won’t experience too much sedation.

Strains with similar effects to Crème Brulee are Gelato #45 and Code Blue.


Crème Brulee can be grown indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. Indoor growers have more control over the environment the plants are grown in. Outdoor growers have the advantage of letting the plants grow naturally in width and height.

Indoors a grower can expect 1 ounce per square foot. Outdoors you can expect up to 550 grams per plant which is well over a pound.

Yield can be a difficult aspect to gauge when it comes to a strain. You want to make sure you have invested in seeds that have great genetics so they are as durable as possible.

Flowering Period

The flowering phase of this strain lasts 10 to 11 weeks. This is a pretty long flowering period so plan accordingly when growing creme brûlée strain outdoors.

The appearance of this strain is a deep green with amber hairs.

THC Content

Crème Brulee has a THC content that ranges from 18 to 24 percent.

creme brulee weed strain close up of bud

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor of this strain is going to be herbal and nutty. The aroma is going to be of earth, nut, and pine. The terpene profile is going to be made up of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool.

Medical Conditions

Crème Brulee can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Stress


Cost on average is $12-$15 per gram, $45-58 per 1/8th oz, $96-$108 per 1/4 oz, and $202-$212 per 1/2 oz.

Crème Brulee Weed Strain Recap


Platinum Kush, OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) were crossed. This strong strain is renowned for its high THC concentration, calming and euphoric effects, and potency.

Flowering Period

The flowering period for crème brûlée is 8 to 9 weeks. This indicates that after switching to a 12/12 light cycle, it will take the plants 8–9 weeks to begin blooming.

Uses in Medicine

It is frequently used to treat insomnia, pain, anxiety, and depression. Additionally useful for relieving nausea, vomiting, and other digestive issues is crème brûlée.


Per plant, it can yield up to 20 ounces of dried blooms. This makes it an excellent option for industrial farmers.

Effects as cited by Users

Crème Brûlée users frequently state that they feel calm, joyful, and pleased after using it. It is preferable to use crème brûlée in the evening or at night because it may also make you feel sleepy.

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Additional Information

Although Crème Brûlée is a relatively new strain, both recreational and medical users have begun to favor it. It is a powerful strain that generates a range of emotions, including enjoyment, exhilaration, and relaxation. For commercial producers, Crème Brûlée is a fantastic option because of its high output.

Is Creme Brûlée strain indica or sativa?

Creme Brulee is an 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid of OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Platinum Kush.

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