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Kandy Kush strain is extremely popular due to the sweet and fruity flavor it imparts, as well as the powerful effects and beneficial properties it possesses.

This strain is the product of a mix between OG Kush and Trainwreck, and as a result, it is a hybrid that is well-balanced and provides mental as well as physical benefits.

Kandy Kush Strain Genetics

Kandy Kush strain. Weed and chocolate.

Kandy Kush is a hybrid strain that is developed by combining OG Kush with Trainwreck. This results in the creation of Kandy Kush seeds. The strain is a well-liked option for those who cultivate cannabis at home, and it is offered in both standard and feminized seed varieties.

Is Kandy Kush Indica or Sativa?

Indica or Sativa? Both! Kandy Kush is a hybrid strain that provides an effect profile that is a happy medium between those of indica and sativa.

Because this strain is famous for both the mental and physical effects it produces, it is an excellent option for use in both recreational and therapeutic contexts.

Kandy Kush THC Level

The THC level of Kandy Kush normally ranges between 15 and 21%, making it an extremely powerful strain that may be too much for inexperienced users to handle. In order to prevent taking in too much of the substance, it is essential to begin with a low dose and gradually increase it.

Kandy Kush Strain Seeds

You can buy Kandy Kush seeds from a variety of online seed banks, including Seedsman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana, and Royal Queen Seeds, among others.

Kandy Kush Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time of Kandy Kush can range anywhere from eight to ten weeks, depending on the genotype of the plant and the environment under which it is grown.

Growing Kandy Kush Strain

Although Candy Kush can be grown either inside or outdoors, it does best in a climate that is warm and dry. Because of the strain's reputation for producing a large yield while still being simple to cultivate, home pot growers frequently opt to work with it.

Kandy Kush Strain Aroma & Terpenes

The aroma of Kandy Kush is described as having a sweet and fruity undertone, similar to that of its parent strains. Myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene are the predominant terpenes in Kandy Kush, and they are responsible for the strain's pungent, lemony, and earthy scent, with undertones of pine and earth.

Kandy Kush Strain Flavor

Kandy Kush has a flavor that is equally as pleasing to the taste buds as its aroma is to the nose. The flavor is sweet and fruity, with hints of citrus, earth, and spice.

The strain has a high THC content. It is a pleasurable strain to smoke or vape due to the smoke's consistency, which is smooth and easy on the throat.

Kandy Kush Strain History

The original strain of Kandy Kush was developed by a DNA Genetics subsidiary called Reserva Privada. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon this variety, including the Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid in both 2010 and 2011. Because of its high production and its relatively simple cultivation requirements, the Kandy Kush strain is a well-liked option for home cannabis growers.

Candy Kush Strain Summary

Kandy Kush is a popularly sought-after hybrid cannabis strain that provides a pleasant combination of mental and physical effects. Kandy Kush weed has a reputation for being exceptionally potent. The strain is famous for the fruity and sweet flavor, powerful effects, and beneficial therapeutic properties it possesses.

It is a well-liked option for those who cultivate weed plants at home because it can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors.

Popular indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Kandy Kush is prized for both its calming and euphoric effects as well as its earthy, sweet flavor characteristic.

This strain has a well-balanced genetic combination thanks to a hybrid between OG Kush and Trainwreck. We will examine all of Kandy Kush's features in this review, including its look, flavor, scent, and overall experience.

Kandy Kush buds have a lovely appearance. With a forest green coloring and sporadic hints of purple, they are frequently packed closely together and densely.

The nugs have a sticky, icy touch due to the thick coating of resinous trichomes and their orange to amber pistils. All things considered, Kandy Kush has a pleasing appearance that is suggestive of its possible strength.

The earthiness and sweetness of Kandy Kush's scent are what define it. It has a strong, sweet aroma that has hints of citrus and pine.

The strain gets its name from the overall pleasant scent, which is frequently compared to candy or a sweet confection.

The flavor profile of Kandy Kush is consistent with its scent when it is ingested. It has citrus and pine undertones along with earthy and sweet smells.

For people who love a nice and rich taste, Kandy Kush is a favorite because of its generally smooth and delightful smoke or vapor.

Kandy Kush is well-known for producing well-balanced effects that combine exhilaration and relaxation.

Both recreational and medical users will find Kandy Kush to be a pleasant and well-rounded cannabis strain. It is a popular among people looking for relaxation, stress relief, and an enhanced mood because of its balanced benefits as well as its sweet and earthy aroma and flavor.

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Consider Kandy Kush if you're trying to relax, lift your spirits, or just enjoy a tasty and fragrant strain.

Personal Experience With Kandy Kush

I tried Kandy Kush at a Washington DC cannabis event. I liked the taste and nice soothing feeling it gave me. It was considerably potent and I found myself melting into my chair. I give kandy kush strain a 8.0 out of 10 on my cannabis strain rating scale.

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