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Whether you’re smoking, vaping, dabbing, or eating cannabis, we’ve got you covered with the must-have weed instruments to get you elevated.

Level up your cannabis experience with these top weed instruments.

Top Weed Instruments

1. Grinder

weed grinder next to cananbis joints and buds, weed instruments

Grinding weed is essential to ensure all of your buds burn evenly. Invest in a multi-chamber grinder to collect the extra trichomes that break off and fall to the bottom.

Collect enough of them and you can use them to top off your bowl or sprinkle inside your joint for added potency.

Our recommendation: Aerospaced Grinder by Higher Standards

2. Rolling Machine

If you’re not an expert joint roller, a rolling machine makes it easy to learn how to roll your own joints.

Essentially, you add your weed and joint paper between a couple of rollers and twist them to seal the joint. Its simple design makes it intuitive and easy to use. We promise.

Our recommendation: RAW 79mm 1 ¼ Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

3. Odor-Proof Bag

Keep the smell of your dank flower contained in an odor-proof bag to carry when you’re on the go. A plastic baggie isn’t enough.

Odor-proof bags create an airtight seal and may feature separate compartments for your vapes and smoking/dabbing tools.

Our recommendation: Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag

4. Storage Container

When you’re chilling at home, you need a storage container for your flower, concentrates, and other products. Store your flower and concentrates in an airtight and opaque container to keep light, heat, and air away. These elements can lower your product’s shelf life.

Our recommendation: Herb Guard Quarter Oz Airtight Container

5. Lighters and Hemp Wick

If you regularly smoke outdoors, a wind-proof lighter can keep the good times rolling, even on a windy day.

Light up the organic hemp wick with your lighter to avoid inhaling butane directly and scorching your bud. Hemp wick provides a more effective burn of bowls and joints.

Our recommendations: Cinderwitch Viosparc Flameless Lighter for Bowls and EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick

6. Vaporizer

vape weed instrument

Cannabis vaporizers, especially ones with precise temperature control, allow you to vaporize flower and/or concentrates with ease. Plus, you can heat your bud at lower temperatures compared to using a lighter to preserve more of the product’s flavor and aroma.

Our recommendation: PAX 3

7. Bong and Pipe

A bong and/or pipe are classic smoking devices that come in many shapes, sizes, designs, and colors.

Go for a personal one-hitter pipe for a quick puff or a bong with a percolator and ice catcher to cool your weed smoke as you inhale. There’s an endless amount of choices and this is an essential weed instrument.

Our recommendations: 10 Best Bongs

8. Smoking Filter

Tired of coughing up a lung every time you smoke or vape? A smoking filter uses activated carbon to trap the harsh resins and tar. That means you can enjoy the full flavor and aroma of your bud or dabs without throat or lung irritation.

Our recommendation: MouthPeace Starter Kit

9. Cannabis Infuser

Cannabis infusers streamline the cooking process and keep odors contained. Just load your flower or concentrates, press a button, and walk away while the device does all the heavy lifting. Some infusers are able to decarb your bud, too!)

10. Dab Rig

Dabbing concentrates at home requires a solid dab rig or e-nail. Dab rigs look a lot like bongs but have a dab nail instead of a bowl piece.

E-nails are nail attachments that plug into an electrical outlet to provide consistent and precise temperatures to your nail. E-nails can also be standalone units that are essentially electric dab rigs.

If you want to elevate your dabbing experience, we recommend investing in a carb cap for more effective dab heating. Other dabbing essentials include a dab torch, dabber, terp pearls, quartz inserts, and dab mats.

Our recommendations: Best Cheap Dab Rigs and the Peak by Puffco

11. Joint Filter Tips

Last on our list of best weed instruments are joint filter tips. Joint filter tips come in either glass, ceramic, or paper options.

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You can make your own with an index card, thin business card, or other similar material. If you’d rather buy your filter tips, you can choose from organic tips to reusable glass tips, depending on your preference.

Our recommendation: RAW Glass Tips

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