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Are you sick of ending up with dry weed after just a few weeks of storage? Do you have trouble keeping your stash fresh for months?

A durable and stylish cannabis glass jar with UV protection can be the perfect storage container for your short and long-term storage needs. Our marijuana glass jar guide covers the best options available on the market, so you can have fresh weed all the time.

What Is a Weed Jar?

Let's start with the basics. What is a marijuana glass jar?

Cannabis containers range in sizes, designs, and materials. Glass is one of the most popular and durable options, but you can also find jars made of wood, clay, and metal, each with its pros and cons.

Ultimately, there is no perfect jar for everyone. The right jar for you depends on your unique needs. Plus, you also want one to reflect your personal style, too.

A marijuana glass jar does the following:

  • Keeps your weed fresh
  • Locks in its aroma
  • Protects it from heat and light

The best marijuana glass jars can keep your weed relatively fresh for up to a couple of years!

Why Are Airtight Containers for Weed Important

You know the difference between good and bad weed. As a plant material, it can degrade over time, losing out on its potency, aroma, and flavor. Ultimately, the speed of degradation depends on its exposure to light, heat, oxygen, and humidity.

Exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light? Your THC can degrade to CBN, making it more sleep-inducing.

Is there excess humidity in the jar? Your weed can develop mold, which is harmful to consume.

Fortunately, the best marijuana stash jars can help preserve your cannabis for the long haul. They can also keep the smell inside for discreet storage and travel.

Best Storage Practices For Cannabis Flower

Marijuana Storage Done Right. Weed in bags a glass jar.
Cannabis Storage

It's not enough to keep your weed in a storage container such as a glass jar. If you want to keep your weed fresh, you'll need to keep it in an airtight container that can offset any temperature and humidity variables. You want to keep your jar in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Ideally, you want to keep your buds in a container with humidity between 59 to 63%. A humidity packet can maintain optimal humidity in your stash jar. The temperature should be 77-86º F in a glass jar.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Glass Jar

When shopping for marijuana glass jars, there are a few factors to consider:


How much marijuana do you plan to store? Marijuana glass jars come in all different sizes for the storage of small or large amounts.

Do you want a portable stash jar? You may want to invest in a small stash jar for easy travel.


How resistant is your glass jar to falls? What materials are used to make your glass jar? Are they resistant to wear and tear?

Some jars are made with rubber or silicone gaskets to create an airtight seal when closed. No matter how your glass jar keeps your marijuana sealed, ensure that the components can be easily washed and cleaned when needed to extend their longevity.

UV Protection

UV light can be one of the main factors that degrade the potency and color of your bud. Over time, frequent exposure to UV light can turn your weed brown, dry, and weak. That is why investing in a UV-resistant glass jar or an opaque jar can provide some protection.

If your jar doesn't come with UV protection, you could always store it in a drawer, cabinet, or other space where light doesn't normally leak in.

Smell Proof

Smell-proof weed jars are a necessity, not just for travel but also for home. It is important to keep that aroma locked in for freshness while preventing your entire apartment or travel bag from smelling like weed.

Keep in mind, not every airtight seal provides odor control, so ensure that your chosen glass jar is smell proof.

The Best Glass Weed Containers

Ready to find a marijuana glass job to meet all of your needs? Here are our favorite options.

1. HerbGuard

Keep your weed fresh for months with Herb Guard’s, UV-protected Miron glass jars. Each Herb Guard jar contains a built-in UV glass tint. Available in 2 oz, 1 oz, half-ounce, and quarter-ounce jars, each comes with a 62% humidity pack from Boveda to keep your weed fresher for longer.

The sleek black glass has a screw-on top to provide an airtight and smell-proof seal. Each marijuana glass jar comes in a stylish gift box containing a cleaning cloth and labels so you can know exactly what's inside. Best of all, they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

2. AirScape

AirScape's storage container uses “Airscape technology” featuring a patented inner plunger lid. This two-way valve pushes out excess air and keeps the humidity out to preserve freshness.  The swoosh sound ensures that your airscape technology is activated.

The stash jar is made from borosilicate glass and BPA-free components. It comes with an elegant bamboo top lid which should be hand washed. On the front, it has a sleek leaf design and a stash chart on the back so you can write down strain name, grower, harvest, strain type, and THC and CBD levels.

3. Infinity Jar

A sleek and durable Infinity Jar is available in a variety of sizes. This airtight and odor-proof ultraviolet glass jar is made with a BPA-free plastic lid. As a classic brand, they've been producing UV-resistant jars for use in the cooking and cosmetic industries for years.

Each jar has been lab-tested to provide freshness for at least 6 months. Choose from a variety of styles, each in a sophisticated and opaque black finish. These are used by some of the top chefs to store everything from saffron to other expensive herbs. It is dishwasher safe.

4. CanLock

CanLock's glass jar and rubber lid combination create an impenetrable vacuum seal container that is smell proof. It is made of an FDA-approved borosilicate glass that can withstand drops and is easy to clean in your dishwasher. It comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, return policy, and has a 1-year limited warranty.

Best of all, every CanLock lid comes with a built-in airlock pump that you can twist onto the jar. Using this pump creates a pressurized seal that locks in the smells inside your container, although it is not UV protective. Plus, every stash jar comes with a Boveda humidity pack to keep your weed fresh for  2 to 4 months.

5. Dope Turtle

Dope Turtle containers are made out of premium Dutch glass, a BPA-free heavy-duty gel sealed lid to lock in freshness, and a free suede bag to keep all your accessories organized. They offer a 100% guarantee, no questions asked. It is available in a 250 mL storage jar.

6. Masterdam

The Masterdam stash jar comes in 100 ml or 200ml options. This airtight container is made with UV-resistant glass to keep your weed fresh for longer. It is smell proof, airtight, and comes with a screw-top lid made of BPA-free heavy-duty plastic with a fresh lock liner. It also comes with a manufacturer's warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

7. Hakuna Supply

Hakuna Supply makes stylish glass storage jars featuring a bamboo lid and food-grade latex seal. The bamboo lid features a range of designs including, the sun and the moon, a dreamcatcher, a geometric elephant, and many more artistic engravings. It is also dishwasher-safe.

Honorable Mentions

How To Identify Bad Medical Marijuana Products

An Affordable Alternative: Ball Glass Jar

The best glass jars for cannabis can be expensive. However, if you want a more affordable version, there are other ways you can go.

The classic Ball glass jar is a worthy alternative to any premium glass jar. These jars can provide an airtight container and are widely available. The glass is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

However, these jars do not have UV protection, so you want to store them in a dark, dry, and cool space. They’re also not as durable as premium glass jars.

Keeping Weed Fresh for Longer

As you can see, there are many different marijuana glass jars to choose from, each with its pros and cons, but all can keep your stash fresh for months on end if you store them in the right conditions.

While these glass jars can seem like a pricey investment at first, they can pay for themselves in the long run by preventing your weed from turning brown, harsh, and weak.

Marijuana Glass Jar and Keeping Weed Fresh FAQ's

Why is it important to keep weed fresh?

When it comes to maintaining the potency, flavor, and aroma of weed, it is essential to keep it fresh. The cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the effects and flavor of cannabis are preserved while it is fresh, which results in a more satisfying experience altogether.

How do glass jars help in keeping weed fresh?

As a result of their airtight and non-porous nature, glass jars are an excellent choice for preserving a constant humidity level. They shield the weed from the elements, specifically air, light, and moisture, which are the primary elements that cause the quality of cannabis to deteriorate over its lifetime.

What kind of glass jars are best for storing weed?

When it comes to keeping marijuana, the ideal glass jars are airtight and have a good seal to prevent air from getting in. Because they prevent light from deteriorating the cannabis, dark or UV-protected glass jars are the most appropriate containers to use. In addition, the size of the jar ought to be suitable for the quantity of marijuana that is being stored in order to reduce the amount of air space.

Can I use any glass jar to store weed, or does it need to be specific?

Jars that are specifically built for the storage of cannabis offer superior protection, despite the fact that, technically speaking, any clean and airtight glass jar can be utilized. These are typically constructed with glass that is resistant to ultraviolet light and feature airtight seals.

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Does storing weed in glass jars improve its longevity?

There is some truth to the claim that storing marijuana in glass jars can considerably extend its shelf life by shielding it from the elements that cause deterioration. It is possible to keep cannabis fresh for several months if it is stored properly.

How often should I open the glass jar where I store my weed?

It's best to open the jar only when necessary to reduce exposure to air. However, some recommend “burping” the jars (opening them briefly) every few days for the first couple of weeks if you're curing the cannabis, which allows any moisture to escape and enhances the curing process.

Is it necessary to keep glass jars in a dark place?

The answer is yes; it is recommended that you keep your glass jars in a cold and dark location. Over time, exposure to light, particularly sunlight, can cause the quality of cannabis to deteriorate.

What is the ideal temperature to store weed in glass jars?

Around 60–70 degrees Fahrenheit (15–21 degrees Celsius) is the best temperature for storing marijuana. When temperatures are excessively high, they can speed up the degradation process, while temperatures that are too low can have an effect on the humidity levels.

Can I store different strains of weed in the same glass jar?

In order to avoid the possibility of different strains having distinct scents and levels of moisture, it is not advisable to store several strains in the same jar. The individual characteristics of each strain can be altered when they are mixed together.

Do I need to add humidity packs to glass jars when storing weed?

If you live in a location that is either extremely dry or extremely humid, humidity packs might be of great assistance in maintaining the ideal humidity level (often between 60 and 65 percent relative humidity) inside the jar. Although they are not always required, they can be of assistance in extending the period of time that your cannabis remains fresh.

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