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Younger cannabis users might not be familiar with brick weed, but older generations still remember this low-quality bud distributed in brick form. What is brick weed? Is it safe to smoke? Where can I buy brick weed? We answer all your brick weed questions below.

What Is Brick Weed?

Brick weed, also known as compressed weed, was a popular form of cannabis in the 1970s and 1980s. Drug dealers, usually from Mexico or South America, would compress the harvested material for easier transport and smuggling over the U.S. border.

History of Brick Weed

Before cannabis legalization took hold, many cannabis users in the United States would buy brick weed smuggled from Mexico, South America, and Thailand. Although brick weed would be the lowest quality by today’s standards, it was cheap and easy to distribute.

Today, brick weed is not as popular in cannabis culture as it was in its heyday. As users began to grow weed at home and legalization swept the world, the need for cheap and low-quality cannabis went down. Nowadays, users can legally buy weed with high potency and a burst of flavor and aroma.

How Is Brick Weed Made?

Unlike modern cannabis buds, which you can buy at legal dispensaries, brick weed’s production is not as refined or safe. In indoor cannabis cultivation, legal cannabis growers trim, dry, and cure their cannabis in environmentally-controlled rooms.

Brick weed does not go through a trimming or curing process. Instead, the harvested plants are dried outdoors over tarps. Once they are dry enough and the buds have been removed, they are pressed with a hydraulic press into bricks, with seeds, stems, and all. Overall, the harsh handling methods break off many of the plant’s trichomes.

Can Brick Weed Get You High?

Yes, brick weed can get you high. However, it does not have as high of a potency as legal cannabis. Today’s legal cannabis can have 15-30% THC. Brick weed is lower quality and can contain between 5% and 10% THC.

Is Smoking Brick Weed Safe?

Many people have used and continue to use brick weed. Since brick weed quality varies, it’s hard to say if all brick weed is safe to use. Overall, brick weed has a higher risk of being unsafe.

For one, harvesting methods are not refined. If plants aren’t dried well enough, it could lead to mold formation, which can be harmful when consumed. 

Some growers even use adulterants to bind the material or even increase the potency. In addition, this weed may be grown with harsh chemicals that can leave behind residue on the final product.

How Much Is a Brick of Weed?

If you are wondering how much does a brick of weed cost, it depends on the quality of brick weed. Generally, a brick of weed can run you between $2,000 and $4,000 dollars.

How Much Does a Brick of Weed Weigh?

Interested in buying brick weed? The size of a brick of weed varies, but an average brick of weed would weigh between 500 grams and 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds). A one-kilogram brick of weed would usually be 8.5 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches.

How to Make Brick Weed Fluffy

Cannabis legalization has significantly reduced brick weed’s popularity, but you may still find some nowadays. Many often search online for “how to fluff up brick weed.” If you have dry and hard brick weed on your hands, here is how you improve its looks and usability.

Citrus Fruits

Slices of citrus fruits from a lemon or an orange can provide hydration to your brick weed. Cut the brick into smaller pieces and place those pieces inside a jar with the citrus slices for about a week. Use tin foil or plastic wrap to cover the jar and poke a few holes. Take off the covering daily for at least 10 minutes to let the bud breathe.


Steam can also be used to rehydrate brick weed. For smaller chunks, you can use the steam from a boiling kettle. Place the brick weed inside a clean sock or other permeable material and steam it over the kettle for 30-45 seconds. Allow the bud to air dry for 4-6 hours before using it.

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For larger portions of brick weed, you can use a large pot to fluff up your brick weed. If possible, break down the large brick into smaller chunks. Place the portions in a strainer and hold them above a boiling pot for 60-90 seconds. Allow the weed to air dry for several hours or overnight before using it.

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