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Learn how to identify a hemp plant. Hemp is one of the most versatile plants there is. Different types of hemp can be used for clothing, medicine, food, and is even used as biofuel. A number of people could not tell you the difference of hemp vs marijuana. Hemp vs weed comes down to THC levels. Hemp cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC or it is considered marijuana.

You might want to figure out whether your neighbor is growing marijuana or hemp. These can have vastly different consequences as hemp farms are not as predisposed to crime as marijuana farms are. This is due to marijuana being more expensive and in-demand due to its ability to get a consumer high.

CBD is prevalent in hemp which means that it can have medicinal properties. The fact that hemp milk is delicious which is just hemp seeds blended into water makes this plant even more amazing. Below we'll teach you how to identify a hemp plant, tips for growing it, its legal status, and its benefits.

Legal Status Of Hemp

Hemp is a form of cannabis which means it was illegal due to being related to marijuana. The fact that hemp does not get a person high didn't matter to the federal government. The studies completed on CBD definitely helped hemp get legalized as medical marijuana began to become more popular.

Some might ask, does hemp contain THC? Yes, but at levels that are so small that there are no psychoactive properties. The difference between hemp and CBD is that CBD can be derived from hemp. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids or compounds found in various types of cannabis.

Growing hemp can be a risk as hemp has plants that look like marijuana. The personal growth of hemp could be illegal in a certain state. Growing licenses have to be procured by growers if they are even available as some states have limited availability.

Law enforcement seeing cannabis plants on a piece of property can lead to you being bothered along with security issues with thieves.

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How to Identify a Hemp Plant?

Hemp looks like marijuana even though its smell is not as potent as some of the stronger strains of weed. Hemp buds look similar to that of marijuana buds or nugs which the cannabis community lovingly calls them but are closer to the tip of the leaves.

Growing a hemp crop is going to be very similar to growing marijuana as it is just another form of cannabis. Hemp and marijuana can both have medical benefits that can provide relief for a number of health conditions. Below we will cover the popular question of whether hemp has the same smell of pot.

Does Hemp Smell The Same As Pot?

Hemp is going to smell very similar to marijuana. The smell of hemp depends on the strain of hemp that is being grown.

Hemp plant flower and hemp plant anatomy are similar in appearance to the marijuana plant. The hemp plant budding phase is when the hemp starts to smell although the curing process will improve the odor overall.

The Benefits Of CBD In Hemp

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp as well as marijuana. A number of medicinal patients prefer cannabis without THC and only CBD. These hemp CBD flowers allow a person to feel relief without it getting them high.

Finding the right dosage of CBD is important so check your hemp products for CBD levels. CBD cigarettes are a great example as they usually give you a range of CBD in milligrams per cigarette. Each individual might have different sensitivities to CBD so a small amount could do the trick.

The benefits are going to be immense though especially for those that suffer from inflammation or anxiety. There are a number of other products that have CBD in them that also contain hemp. Pets like that dogs even have been found to benefit if their suffer from joint or back pain. Studies have shown that CBD helps older dogs stay more active without dealing with daily pain.  

Anxiety is another aspect of health that CBD can help manage in an effective way. Anxiety can be crippling in both animals and people. Luckily, there are supplements for consumers and their pets. Te lower dosages are important to try early with your pet to ensure that they are not overly sensitive. There is always a chance that CBD or hemp doesn’t agree with your dog especially if they have a sensitive stomach.

What To Know About Growing Hemp

The first thing that you need to do if you are growing hemp is whether it is legal or not. Some states allow personal cultivation of hemp while others require medical cards. Other states do not allow any type of cultivation on a personal level regardless if someone has a medical card. Florida is one of these states as you have to visit a dispensary to get your cannabis.

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Growing hemp is going to require quite a large area to produce a decent amount of hemp if you are trying to do this at the commercial level. Growing hemp is going to be very similar to growing marijuana as they are both types of cannabis. Drainage is imperative when it comes to a crop regardless of what is being grown as too much water can impact yields negatively.  

CTU can allow you to grow the best hemp of your life or marijuana if you’d like to learn. We have the best medical marijuana growing classes. Learning to grow great hemp and marijuana can land you a job in the cannabis industry. The industry is only going to continue to flourish with the federal legalization of marijuana so getting in early at a company can allow your career to flourish as well.

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