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Best place to grow cannabis? Rows of weed plants.

Best place to grow marijuana?

Anyone interested in learning how to grow marijuana needs to first consider the space that will be used for the equipment and crop that creates the ideal growing conditions.

In this article we will take a brief look at some of the types of options when considering where to grow marijuana, whether inside or outside of the home.

Where is the Best Place to Grow Marijuana?

Closet Systems

Converting a closet space can be an excellent area for placing a small garden in a home for growing medical cannabis for personal use.  A grower can set up a garden in a small 2-foot by 4-foot area, up to larger walk-in closets.  Because of the limited space, closet gardens are best suited for Sea Of Green (SOG) or Screen Of Green (SCROG) growing methods.

A closet grow environment normally requires modification of the closet for inlet and outlet ventilation, hanging of the lighting system and protection from possible water damages.

Cabinet Systems

There are many pros and cons, which must be considered when choosing a Cabinet Grow system.


  • Generally this type of system is purchased as a turnkey system, ready to use when purchased with minimal set- up and preparation.
  • Portable


  • Higher initial costs than other systems
  • Limited grow space

If costs are not a limiting factor when choosing a grow system this is an easy to set up and use type of system for the novice grower.

A cabinet grow system can be manufactured out of either a commercially manufactured metal or wooden full-sized storage cabinet. The size of a typical cabinet is usually about 2’ deep by 3’ wide by 6’ tall.

The cabinet must be modified to add an exhaust outlet and an inlet(s) opening.

A typical grower will usually use one 175 or 400 watt HID light, an exhaust fan capable of 300 cfm and a circulatory fan to move air around inside the cabinet.

When setting up a small grow cabinet the grower needs to by very aware of potential high temperature issues, always make sure that there is ample fresh air moving into the grow space and that the exhaust fans are drawing out sufficient hot air. Also, do not place the ballast for the grow lights inside of the cabinet.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are similar to cabinet systems, but are generally lower in initial costs and generally do not included the lights, ventilation and grow system, either Soil-based or Hydroponic. This type of system is very portable and easy to set up.

A grow tent can provide an excellent space for growing in large space or room to isolate the crop. In a large space multiple grow tents can be set up without having to build walls to isolate the multiple crops. In this way multiple crops with different growing characteristics can be accomplished.

Currently grow tents are available in sizes larger than the grow cabinets so they are generally better suited for growing larger plants.  Grow tents can be purchased online or at the local grow store.

Single Room Systems

A spare bedroom or an extra room in the home can provide an excellent space for growing medical cannabis. When converting a room inside a dwelling into a grow environment it is best to protect the flooring and walls from any water or moisture damages. Also, do not forget that the grower will need to have access (i.e. cut holes) for the inlet of fresh air and exhausting of hot air.

It is best to use a room in a home that is not a rental so as not to have to consider the landlords prying eyes or any damages that could occur.

Single room systems can also be built in a large space to adequately contain a growing system. When building a grow room it is best to follow all local building codes and guidelines.

This type of system is not generally portable or movable and is considered a permanent or semi-permanent structure.

Multi-Room Systems

A multi-room grow system allows for dedicating each room to one crop or activity.

A grower can have one room dedicated to cloning, one room dedicated to vegetative growth and one or more rooms dedicated to growing different crops or crops with different growing characteristics.

Multi-room systems require a major amount of planning, preparation and attention. Multi-room grow systems should only be attempted by a highly experienced grower with a lot of time and money to invest, though the outcome from a multi-room system can be highly rewarding.

Large Scale (Commercial Grade) Systems

Indoors a commercial grow system requires a large amount of time and money to set up and maintain.

The risks involved with this type of system are much greater than other systems and can be highly illegal.  Be sure to check all local and state laws regarding this type of system. This type of growing environment is normally set up in a large commercial space or warehouse and will require significant amounts of power and resources to set up and maintain.

Outdoor Growing

Outdoors there are less risks involved from local unwanted attention as this type of grow system is usually placed in an out of the way, secluded area.

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Although there will be less of a need for the equipment required for an indoor grow system, there are other types of issues to be concerned with.  Even though a large scale outdoor grow system is normally located away from attention in a secluded area, a large scale outdoor grow system can be easily spotted from airborne surveillance.

When locating an area to set up a large scale outdoor grow system, the grower must consider the availability of access to the area, and if there is sufficient room to bring in water and grow supplies.

With an outdoor grow system, along with the normal concerns of the plants themselves, the grower must also be concerned with environmental issues.

Setting up a large scale outdoor grow system when done properly with sufficient attention and resources can be highly successful.

To learn how to grow marijuana and more about these options be sure to check out this website.

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