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If you're considering growing cannabis indoors, our marijuana grow box buyer's guide can help you choose the best growing solution for your space. Grow boxes, also known as grow cabinets, are self-contained units that provide your marijuana plants with the right growing conditions throughout their life cycle.

What Is a Marijuana Grow Box?

A marijuana grow box can be a partially or completely enclosed system for raising cannabis plants. Grow boxes allow you to make the most of your limited indoor space. In addition, you can provide a climate-controlled environment for your plants to thrive in. There's no need to worry about the bitter frost outdoors or any pests and diseases.

So, what's in a marijuana grow box?

Cannabis grow boxes vary in terms of size, quality, equipment included, and price. Generally, here's what you may find in pre-made grow boxes:

  • Carbon filter: Filters the air and reduces odors
  • Lighting system: Controls light schedules needed for various stages of plant growth
  • Hydroponic system: A soilless system using nutrient solutions
  • Ventilation: Air circulation to control humidity and temperature
  • Carbon dioxide system: Monitor CO2 levels to aid in plant growth
  • Water filtering system: Filters nutrient solutions to remove harmful particles

Marijuana Grow Box vs. Marijuana Grow Tent

As a beginner grower, you may have run across various growing solutions including grow boxes and marijuana grow tents. Each offers unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost and quality.

Grow Box

Grow boxes are an ideal choice for new growers who want an all-in-one solution. Marijuana grow boxes come with everything you might need to start growing weed. The boxes usually come with lighting, timers, a watering system, nutrients, filters, and equipment to control the environment inside.  In some cases, all you need to do is insert the plant, plug in, and you're all set.

However, grow boxes can be quite pricey for what's included. Grow box prices can range from $1,500-$3,500 or more.

Grow Tent

Indoor grow tents offer a more affordable growing solution compared to a grow cabinet. If you want more control over the growing set up, grow tents provide you with a self-contained space. All you need to do is buy all of the grow equipment individually. For some users, choosing the equipment can be rewarding and teach them more about the process.

Sometimes, grow tents can come with much of the equipment needed. However, additional equipment in these “grow kits” increases the total price and may even end up costing more than a turn-key grow box. If you can find affordable and effective equipment, you can create a garden unit for about $500-$600, about half the price of a grow box.

The Best Marijuana Grow Boxes

1. Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden

Dealzer’s Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 comes in a hydroponics or soil-based version. This 4-plant LED grow box is ideal for beginners to easily grow 2-3 lb. of dried herb. It offers you a complete kit with everything except for seeds. It's simple and black exterior offers a stealthy look that looks like a regular cabinet.

This grow box uses a Mars T600 quantum board, full-spectrum LED marijuana lighting system. It comes with built-in durable odor control fans and a 4-plant reservoir. Made in the USA, this high-quality wood grow box is hand-painted and treated for ultimate durability.

Best of all, the marijuana grow box comes with a lifetime warranty on everything except the lights, which come with a 1-year warranty. Enjoy free technical support and free plain box shipping. Set up is easy and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The grow box weighs only 65 lb and is 3 ft. tall, 2 ft. wide, and 16.5 in. deep. Growing equipment includes a light timer, air pump, water pump with hose, Ona block deodorizer, pre-installed fans with a carbon filter, a 2-gallon reservoir with 4 plant lid, net pots, starter plugs, nutrients, lockable latches, clay pebbles, and all the instructions you need for an easy setup.

They also offer upgrades such as specialized soil, CO2 enhancers, a hanging herb dryer, a curing jar, and a clone box.

2. Hello Grower Stealth Hydroponic 4-Site Grow Box

Hellogrower’s 40 in. hydroponic grow box is your complete hydroponic growing solution. Each box comes with a 300-watt full-spectrum LED lighting system, 2 powerful fans, a timer, a carbon filter, and a complete hydroponic system.

Its Bubble Tub hydroponic system is a professional-grade 4-site growing set-up. Its system utilizes a deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic method. This method gives your plants the maximum amount of oxygen and nutrient-enriched water right to your root zone.

Each box comes with a 1-2 gallon bucket, 4-site lids, 4 3-in. net pots, 4 rock wall plugs, 1 air pump, and all the other essential hydroponic equipment. Enjoy free shipping in a discreet plain brown box.

Growers love this box for its low-noise operation, which works well in apartments or shared living spaces. Plus, it allows you to lock the box to keep it safe and secure, although a lock is not included.

3. Unique Hydroponics Yield Machine Grow Box

Unique Hydroponics’ Yield Machine grow box stands 4 ft. tall, 18 in. wide, and 13 in. deep. Each box uses a 20-quart hydroponic system or a version that supports a 6 plant, 6-quart system. Enjoy its 150-watt high-powered UFO LED grow lights capable of providing light during all stages of growth. You can also upgrade to a 300-watt LED with dual exhaust.

Each high-yielding grow box comes with the essential General Hydroponics Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom nutrients. It also comes with 2 extra-large fans, a carbon filtration mechanism, 2-in. net pots and grow cubes, CO2 enhancing tablets, snap-down latches, or you can use your own mini padlock for more security.

4. SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0

SuperCloset’s SuperFlower 3.0 grow box is the best choice if you're planning on growing tall marijuana plants indoors. From SuperCloset’s grow box line, the SuperFlower unit has the most available grow height. Plus, it comes with app-enabled smart controls and an included grow cam, the closest thing you can get to automated growing.

Choose between a hydroponic or soil-based grow system. The box comes at an impressive 6 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide, and 2 ft. deep. That gives you enough space to house up to 16 vegetative/flower plants with the hydroponic system or 6 large 5-gallon soil pots.

The SuperFlower box comes with an activated carbon air filtration, a Kind LED L3 Series 2 XL450 lighting system, an adjustable fan, and a hygrometer and thermometer. A durable construction and locking door provides you with a safe and secure garden. Enjoy a 1-month warranty and a free 5-day/week lifetime customer, technical, and grow support.

You also get a 9-episode video tutorial to get you started.

The relatively high cost is due to its smart app capabilities. A Bluetooth-enabled app allows you to control your grow light timer and watering schedule. Simply change the light schedule from your phone when your plants go from the vegetative to flowering stage. A WiFi-enabled grow cam allows you to check up on your plants from anywhere in the world.

Additional upgrades include a CO2 kit, a germination package, LED grow glasses, a dryer tent, and a water filter.

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5. Dealzer Cash Crop 6.0

Dealzer’s Cash Crop 6.0 grow box system comes in a hydroponic or soil-based version. This 2-plant grow box is perfect for growers who want to grow 1-2 lb. of dried herb per cycle. This grow box uses a full-spectrum LED top and side lighting. It comes with durable odor control fans and a  2-plant reservoir.

The Cash Crop 6.0 is just 45 lb. It's 35 in. tall, 16 in. wide, and 11 in. deep. Each box comes with a Quasar LED light, a light timer, an air pump, a water pump with hose, and Ona block deodorizer, pre-installed fans and a carbon filter, 1.5-gallon reservoir, 2-in. net pots, starter plugs, 3-set pH perfect Advanced Nutrients, clay pebbles, lockable latches, and more.

Final Thoughts on Grow Boxes

Grow boxes come in all shapes and sizes. It's up to you to choose one that fits within your budget and caters to your growing preference. You can start off with a budget grow box and upgrade your equipment or even grow box as you learn more about growing weed.

If you need any additional help growing weed, enroll in Cannabis Training University’s online cannabis education program. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about growing weed in a variety of methods in our marijuana growing classes. Plus, we offer courses on a variety of topics to make edibles, extracts, and more. Sign up Cannabis Training University.

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