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Marijuana growing is not a simple matter. There are mistakes that cannabis growers can make in their grow operation that will serve to produce an ill-fated harvest. Marijuana plants are resilient, but you still have to know how to tend them in order to get the best harvest. Things like climate, the right amount of nutrients and other factors should be considered. Not because marijuana is touted as ‘weed' does it mean that marijuana growing is simple.

Marijuana Growing Ways Have Changed Over Time

Be aware that the same marijuana consumed today is not similar to the one grown in the wilds of the Nepal valleys. It is totally different. The kind of marijuana that people are seeking today and that is marketed to consumers should be cured, potent and seedless. This means that it has to be taken care of and not left to grow on its own.

The cannabis plant that is cured is usually flavorful with thick buds. However, to achieve this, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided. Below are some of the common ones that growers make, which should be avoided at all cost, especially during preparation.

Marijuana Growing Mistakes to Avoid

Overfeeding the Plant

If your cannabis plant is overfed during the marijuana growing process, it is a huge mistake. If you do this, then you may be looking at your marijuana plants every day and wondering why the buds are not growing as fast.

Giving the plant too much food is not necessarily good, just as overeating is not good for humans. Everything should be done in moderation. Food is not always the only source of growth promotion. Overly feeding the marijuana plant could cause the plants to die. Yes, the plants do need nutrients, but not more than it needs.

The Nutrients

There are organic nutrients and non-organic nutrients. The organic nutrients are derived from manure, compost and other minerals that are refined and found in the ground. These nutrients will be released from the soil and distributed to the plant slowly. This is the safest way for growing weed. It is moderate and the plant only takes in what it needs.


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Sometimes, the organic nutrients do not give you the instant boost you are seeking and so you may want to consider non-organic nutrients. You can also opt for non-organic nutrients in liquid form, especially when you are growing marijuana hydroponically. Non-organic nutrients are easily available in the store. When you are feeding the marijuana plant, it is best to begin low and very slow. Make sure the plant is observed daily to note the state of it, which helps you to figure out what it needs.

Overwatering the Plant

Never overwater your cannabis plant. This is to be avoided during the marijuana growing process. Too much water can kill the plant. Too much water will result in root suffocation or death. The top part of the soil has to remain dry. If you are growing in pots, they should never feel too heavy with water. Create a watering schedule for your marijuana plants and stick to it as well as monitor it.

Inappropriate Climate Control

You must be aware of the type of climate necessary for a specific marijuana growing process. The temperature and the humidity must be balanced. While cannabis plants can endure extreme climates, this is not the case all the time. Control the temperature and humidity so that your marijuana plants will survive.

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The pH Level

The pH level is an important factor to marijuana growing. The water should never be too acidic. Make sure your water is between pH levels of 6.0 to 7.0. With that kind of pH level, your plants will absorb the right amount of nutrients. Visit the Cannabis Training University to learn more about how to grow marijuana.

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