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Thanksgiving Turkey donation on behalf of marijuana industry

500 pounds of Turkey donated on behalf of legal marijuana industry

500 Pounds of Turkey Donated on Behalf of Legal Marijuana Industry! Three hundred people will enjoy turkeys donated by a local marijuana industry trade group, The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network.

The cannabis trade group is donating 500 pounds of turkey to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission in Indio on behalf of the legal marijuana industry.

CVCAN, founded in 2016, is donating the turkeys as a kind gesture to assist those in need this Thanksgiving. 

There are many turkey donations that take place each year in the United States.

Some of the more popular organizations that put on turkey donations are:

-Operation Turkey in Austin Texas

-Melt Rotter in West Michigan

A  cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dinner is also a popular topic right now. If you are feeling generous this holiday season, there are many people who might enjoy a cannabis Thanksgiving feast. 

This year, be thankful for all you have and do your part to help those in need.


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Turkey donations are just one of the many wonderful charitable things we can do to help those in need.

Please take a moment to remember the less fortunate on this Holiday season and give back however you can.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday from Cannabis Training University.

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