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When looking for the best marijuana schools there is much to take into consideration before making your decision on which one to invest your time and money into.

The best marijuana schools are the ones that give the most useful information and for the best price.

Some marijuana schools are very expensive and do not give a great cannabis industry education.

Let's compare marijuana schools and see some of the major differences in them:

Best Marijuana Schools Online

-Cannabis Training University (The premier online marijuana school. The first online marijuana school back in 2009. The most graduates, the most time included in the price, the most information included, the only online marijuana school that shoots real video and invests in the production of the education. CTU has the most accepted certifications by cannabis employers. The most cannabis ebooks included in the program. The most students placed in cannabis jobs. The lowest price of all online marijuana schools. The most complete cannabis industry education, teaching all areas of the industry, and all for one low price.)

-Cannabis Training Institute (Joined with American for Safe Access. Put together powerpoint slides into a program. Uses ASA for promotions. Recently put together)

-THC University (Powerpoint slides from books or other cannabis websites and sells them for around $500 per year. Started a couple years ago)

Classroom Style Marijuana Schools

Oaksterdam University (First classroom marijuana school in the USA. Holds classes in Oakland California. Joined up with Norml.)

-Clover Leaf University (Same as Oaksterdam but in Colorado)

Pricing of Marijuana Schools

-Cannabis Training University is a fraction of the cost of all other cannabis schools.

CTU gives an entire year of access to all of its students and for one low price.

Students at CTU do not have to pay every month for their access time and can come back unlimited times without worrying about getting hit with a steep monthly subscription.


Learn how to cash in on the Green Rush!

Do not be fooled by online marijuana schools that give free trials then try to get you to pay $50 every month and take $500 out of your pocket by the time you get your year of access.

CTU is the only online cannabis college that has the students best interest in mind and keeps pricing affordable so people of all income levels can enjoy the education.

Why Cannabis Training University?

-More Time to Learn (12 months included for one low price)

-More Accepted Certifications (The most well known and respected cannabis college)

-Better Content (Videos, more ebooks, quizzes galore)

-More Affordable (Lowest Price! No Recurring Monthly Fees!)

When looking for the best marijuana school it is important to remember that you deserve a lot of time to be able to access your content that you pay for, without having to worry about getting hit with a $50 charge or more every single month!

And you deserve a cannabis school that invests in its program and thinks of how important it is to put together the best quality cannabis program there is!

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extract course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

If you are searching for the best marijuana school you have come to the right place.

CTU is the premier cannabis education and gives more for less!

Start your cannabis career today with the most affordable online marijuana school.