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Let's take a look at some of the best weed subscription boxes that offer high quality cannabis accessories shall we? Subscription boxes provide consumers with a surprise every month or every few months. It’s no wonder the trend caught on in the cannabis industry. While most weed subscription boxes don’t include cannabis flower or marijuana-infused products, these cannabis themed subscription boxes include tools, munchies, apparel, and other practical items in every box. If you’re thinking about getting your pot-smoking friend or yourself a gift, consider these cannabis subscription boxes.

Daily High Club

Daily High Club is an online headshop that sells bongs, dab rigs, accessories, and subscription boxes. Subscription boxes range from $1 per month to $29.99 per month. The $1 Natural Box gets you natural rolling papers, filters, a matchbook, and organic bee wick. The $9.99 Connoisseur Box features between seven and nine products to elevate your smoking experience. The $29.99 El Primo Box comes with unique glass pieces and tons of accessories. You can even purchase boxes that were sold in the past.

daily high club best weed subscription box


Hemper is an online headshop that also sells its own marijuana subscription box, The Hemper Box. In your $39.99 monthly subscription service, you receive a box filled with a curated glass piece, papers, wraps, and other stylish accouterments. If you’re looking for a monthly supply of weed-friendly gadgets and new items to streamline your cannabis consumption, consider Hemper’s subscription box.

hemper ocean box marijuana subscription box for cannabis accessories


Cannabox is an affordable marijuana subscription box that features six to eight accessories such as premium glass smoking pieces, rolling trays, snacks, and more. A one-month subscription plan runs you $28.83, while three-month and six-month plans offer slightly reduced pricing. There’s also free shipping on all U.S. orders. Past Cannabox themes include “Road Trip,” “Soda Shop,” “Mad High,” and “Up In Smoke.”

Goody Box

Goody Box delivers a monthly selection of five to nine items including smoking essentials, novelty items, munchies, magazines, and more goodies for $29.98 per month plus free shipping. Each box is sure to have a smoking piece or a vape pen. The Top-Shelf box goes for $79.98 per month. Three and six-month plans are also available. Every Goody Box comes with a prize ticket inside for a monthly raffle where customers can win cash, electronics, gaming devices, and smoking gear.

Lucky Box Club

While only meant for California consumers, Lucky Box Club is one of the only few subscription box companies that offer quality cannabis products including live resin cartridges, flower buds, tinctures, topicals, and other consumable marijuana products. After filling out a questionnaire, Lucky Box prepares a hand-crafted box featuring only products that you love.

Choose from the Classic Box subscription for $149 per month, featuring multiple flower eighths and branded accessories or an Executive Box subscription is $299 per month. Or streamline your purchase by subscribing to a Lucky specialty box. Choose a box that includes only flowers or only cartridges, from brands like Marley Natural.


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Canadian High Club

Canadians rejoice with Canadian High Club, a cannabis subscription service delivering weed accessories to the Great White North. Choose from the Pinner ($15.99), Hotbox ($55.99), or Chronic Cargo ($95.99) pack, the latter of which comes with a complete bong or dab rig every month. Purchase a single box or their three, six, or 12-month subscriptions.


SensiBox is the only subscription that has a box for Him or Her. Choose from the SensiBox Original ($35 or less per month) with seven or more glass and weed accessories. Get their SensiLight ($20) with five cannabis essentials. The For Her boxes include eco-friendly and fair-trade jewelry, while the For Him boxes feature other cool weed gadgets.

Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler gives you the choice of multiple box types including The Party Favor for $1 per month featuring rolling papers, tips, and hemp wick or matches. The Rollers Club box ($15.99) caters to joint rollers. The Butler Box ($32.99) is their most popular choice. The Masters Club ($139.99) includes connoisseur-grade accessories. Finally, the Mod Sun Opulent Box ($799) features limited-edition collaboration products by Mod Sun and RooR. Hippie Butler is currently not taking any new subscriptions for their weed subscription service.

Which Weed Subscription Box Will You Go With?

There are plenty more marijuana subscription boxes to choose from, each with similar weed accessory offerings. Honorable mentions include the Puff Pack or Kush Cargo weed subscription box. These modern boxes can deliver new products or products that you consistently need. As cannabis legalization continues, more home delivery options will become available for cannabis consumers who value convenience and surprises.

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How to Start your Own Marijuana Subscription Box?

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