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As the cannabis industry and market continue to grow, there are new cannabis products that have made their way to the forefront. Expensive vaporizers are hitting the cannabis market and has been doing so for a few years now. Are these worth your time and money? Yes, some of these expensive vaporizers are pretty cool, but many of them, even at the high price points may not be worth anything. In fact, many of them are very delicately made and so, with constant use, even the most expensive vaporizers may get damaged.

As technology advances and new innovations take place, more and more in the cannabis industry are creating these types of products at alarming rates. So, you should expect to have a lot of choices and sometimes, this can become quite confusing, if you are not aware of what to look for. Let's take a closer look at herb vaporizers that are quite competitive in the marketplace. In addition, we will help you to narrow your focus and judge the vaporizers that are worth the cost and your time.

The Quality

Even though, there are expensive vaporizers on the market, you will also find some cheap ones, but they may not last as long. Many of these are made from silicone and plastic. So, in other words, ‘you get what you pay for.' More importantly, if you put your expensive concentrates and marijuana strain inside the cheap vaporizers, it might taste like plastic after a few hits.

On the other hand, manufacturers of expensive vaporizers do not spare material when creating their products. On the inside and outside of the product, you will find that the material used to make them are costly, but of the highest quality. For example, the Pax 2 is made using an aluminum material on the exterior. The product ends up looking sleek with a quality finish. In addition, you do not have to be concerned about it melting after reaching a temperature of approximately 430˚F.

The Products

The Herbalizer product is made using plastic resistant to high temperatures up to 445˚F and for that reason, it too will not melt when in use. In fact, it is the same material used by NASA to make its spaceships and maybe that is why the price is $599. Inside of this expensive vaporizer is made in such as a way as to create the ideal flavor from the marijuana strain used. Some of these products utilize the zirconia ceramic element in the path of the vapor. That is a good sell since zirconia is high resistance and offer amazing insulation, which allows each hit to be cool and smooth. More importantly, zirconia ceramic has received approval from the FDA as being safe to use. In fact, dentists use this to make dentures.


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The Alternative

As an alternative to ceramic,  materials like brass, aluminum and stainless steel are often used to heat up the vaporizer internally. However, brass is discovered to be very toxic and stainless steel tends to get hot quickly, but lose its heat even faster. So, it is hard to manage the temperature. Some weed smokers do not like stainless steel since the flavor of the cannabis strains is not consistent.

What to Look For

Controlling temperature and flavor is important to getting the best out of your expensive vaporizers. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the features and elements that make the product. You should also look to see what kind of warranty is offered.  Do not go for cheap knockoffs or you will be wasting your money. For example, DaVinci and Pax both have ten year warranties with their high price tags. Would you want to buy expensive vaporizers that adequately support your weed smoking lifestyle or do you want a cheap knockoff that you have to keep replacing time and time again? You make the choice.

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