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The Afghan Skunk strain has its own place in the vast world of cannabis strains. In this post we will go over its genetics, growing info, and some other facts and commonly asked questions about this strain.

Afghan Skunk Genetics

Afghan Skunk is a hybrid strain with genetic roots in the Skunk family and Afghanistan. It is a cross between Afghani and Skunk #1. Afghan Skunk is a slightly indica-dominant strain with a close to balanced overall blend.

Afghan Skunk Appearance and Scent

The appearance of this strain are dense buds with a slight purple color. The scent of Afghan Skunk is musky with a strong skunk smell.

Afghan skunk strain buds and effects, smell, genetics.

Effects & Uses of Afghan Skunk

Because of its even balance of indica and sativa users report cerebral and uplifting sativa effects with a later to find sedative and sleepy feeling as the indica kicks in.

The mix of indica and sativa has been reported to help with stress relief.

Users report Afghan Skunk helping with insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Growing Afghan Skunk

Afghan Skunk is known to be one of the easier strains to grow. It has a strong resistance to the common pests and diseases cannabis plants deal with.

It can be grown both indoors and out. The flowering time of Afghan Skunk is 8-9 weeks. Because the yields are often large this is a desirable strain to grow. Flowering should take place in October if growing Afghan Skunk outdoors.

Afghan Skunk FAQ's

What is the THC percentage of Afghan Skunk?

15-20% is the average THC percentage reported for this strain.

Is Afghan Skunk indica or sativa?

It is a well balanced hybrid with a slight lean towards indica making it an indica-dominant strain.

Is Afghan Skunk easy to grow?

Yes, Afghan Skunk is considered easy to grow amongst strains. It has good resistance to pests and disease and a large yield so it is a great strain for both beginner and advanced growers.

What are the medical effects of Afghan Skunk?

Users report it helping with stress, anxiety, muscle pains and sleep.

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