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Alaskan Thunder Fuck is easily one of the best names in cannabis which is why CTU is covering the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain review.

The popularity of this strain can be blamed on its incredible effects and its name. People tend to like inappropriate names especially when saying them out loud at a dispensary.

The strain is not one for beginners although it is versatile enough to use at any point in your day. Working your way up to strong strains can allow you to truly enjoy your journey to the strains with monster THC levels.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Genetics

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Is Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain an Indica or Sativa?

Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain has an unclear lineage due to the age of the strain. Russian Ruderalis was bred with some type of Sativa said to originate from Northern California.

Russian Ruderalis is a type of cannabis that is not photoperiod. These autoflowering strains do not need very much light to grow but do need quite a bit to thrive. Indoor grows tend to do a bit better as lights can be run throughout the day which isn’t possible outside in the continental United States. 

Finding seeds should not be too difficult as this strain has quite the following. Mimicking the temperature that this strain thrives under will be the real challenge. Areas like Southern California or those with warmer nights might not gie this strain what it needs as it does originate from Alaska.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Yield

ATF can be grown indoors and outdoors although colder climate outdoor grows will maximize the yield. Indoors a grower can expect 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot. Outdoors you can expect 1 to 2 ounces per square foot or around 400 grams per square foot.

The appearance of this bud has orange hairs with a white look. The reason for the white hue of this bud is the covering of trichomes. The trichomes readily announce how potent this strain is and can keep newer marijuana consumers away 

Yields will always depend on your indoor or outdoor setup. The soil mixture that you grow in is also going to play a role. Make sure to use extra nutrients but do not over supplement them as this can impact the yield negatively.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is 7 to 9 weeks. Expect outdoor harvests in cooler climates to be ready at some point in October. With all of the demand, growers cite this as a favorite as they can always rely on getting rid of what they have in stock.

Cooler climates are going to have an advantage as this strain will struggle to grow in a state like Florida due to the heat. Northern California or even Washington State/Oregon are far better suited to grow this strain.

THC Percentage of Alaskan ThunderFuck Strain

The THC percentage of ATF is 16 to 23 percent so it is considered quite strong. Consuming this with friends can lead to interesting or at least entertaining conversations. Everyone will feel the high upon the exhale as the strain is famous for being fast-acting.

You can consume this at any point in the day for an extra rush of energy. Make sure you have some delicious drinks and snacks as you could be hit with a wave of hungriness. Expect the delicious flavor to linger in your mouth for hours which is something you will appreciate.

Flavor and Aroma of Alaskan Thunder F&*k

The aroma of ATF is that of diesel and cat pee with a hint of diesel. The flavor is far more appealing with banana and citrus notes. Expect these spicy notes to stay present in your mouth for quite some time.

The terpene profile of Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain is dominated by Myrcene, Linalool, and Pinene.

Myrcene has an earthy taste and has been said to benefit a consumer by inducing calm. A number of people cite this terpene as being responsible for increased quality in sleep. A strain that is high in this terpene includes the famous Jack Herer.

Linalool has a fragrant aroma of flowers and can help reduce pain. Grape Stomper is a relatively well-known strain that is high in this terpene.

Pinene is a terpene that accompanies CBD in a large number of cases that provides relief from pain, stress, anxiety. A strain that is high in this terpene includes Gorilla Glue which is one of the strongest strains on the market in terms of THC content.

Medical Conditions That This Marijuana Strain Can Treat

Marijuana is used around the world to treat various medical conditions when consumed in a number of ways. ATF can help individuals with the following medical conditions:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Nausea

While the strain is not the highest in CBD, there are still medical benefits as you can see. Using a variety of terpenes and CBD with THC will help benefit you the most.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Price

Alaskan Thunderfuck strain on average is $10-$15 per gram, $50-58 per 1/8th ounce, $100-$108 per 1/4 oz, and $200-$215 per 1/2 ounce.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Seeds

Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds can be found online at various seed banks such as and

Shipping of cannabis seeds to the USA is not federally legal yet although some seed banks send them regardless.

Final Words On The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Weed Strain

Alaskan ThunderFuck is a great strain that you have to tell friends that you have tried for a chuckle. The strain will make you immediately high so you understand where your levels are at. Other strains that have the high creep in can lead to overconsumption and a negative experience.

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Growing ATF is going to be tough outdoors as mimicking the weather this strain thrives in can be nearly impossible. Growing this strain in the north where colder temperatures dominate is the only way you will get a healthy crop of ATF that you can be proud of. Amateur cannabis growers should avoid this strain as it can be very difficult to mirror optimal growing conditions indoors.

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