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The Banana Cream strain is one of the true strains that the tastiest around. Fruity strains can act as a sweet treat without worrying about calories. Unlike some fruity strains, Banana Cream is going to be immensely potent and likely should be reserved just for daily tokers. 

Growers of the past would be so impressed with how potent and flavorful the strains of today are. Below will delve into all you will need to know about the Banana Cream strain. 

Banana Cream Strain Genetics

cannabis bud on square glass jar, banana cream strain

Is Banana Cream strain an Indica or Sativa?

Banana Cream is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Banana OG and Cookies and Cream. The strain is praised for its delicious flavor but the potency of Banana Cream is nothing to scoff at. Expect to be relaxed without being sedated and you will likely have a few laughs/giggles. 

Banana OG is a strain that should be reserved for hardcore smokers with up to 27 percent THC. Consuming too much of this strain can leave you sedated while moderate use shouldn’t sedate you. People find relief from everything from insomnia to loss of appetite with this strain.

Cookies and Cream is very popular and has even won awards at large marijuana-related events. The strain has up to 26 percent THC so it is not for the faint of heart. You will feel a burst of energy only to relax and might even help trigger creativity for some consumers. 

Banana Cream Marijuana Strain Yield

Banana Cream is relatively easy to grow whether you decide to do it indoors or outdoors. Indoors you can expect around an ounce per square foot. Outdoors the harvest will yield around 15 ounces which is quite healthy considering the potency of this strain. 

Driving a yield up will take expert growing prowess and the right nutrients. Nutrients should be used in moderation as more does not always work and leads to the plants being burned. The lighting setup of the grow matters as well as too high of temperatures can drive down the yield come harvest time. 

Banana Cream Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase of Banana Cream lasts 6 to 8 weeks. 

The appearance of this strain is that of flat nugs that are neon green. There are gold trichomes along with golden hues on the buds. The dark orange hairs are just the last of the features that make this strain so attractive. 

THC Percentage Of Banana Cream Marijuana

Banana Cream is quite potent with 23 to 26 percent THC. Be careful when smoking this as too much of a good thing can lead to feelings of anxiety. Pop in a funny movie and allow this strain to heighten the experience. 

Getting too high can be uncomfortable but understand that you will be fine. Seasoned stoners have a routine they might practice if they have taken a massive dab. This could include having a favorite drink around along with a plan of what you will do when you are extremely stoned. 

Flavor And Aroma Of Banana Cream 

The flavor is nearly identical to banana cream pie. The aroma is nearly identical and is of bananas. The terpene profile is made up of Humulene, Pinene, and Valencene. 

Humulene will have an essence of earth and a herbal spicy flavor. Expect this terpene to help decrease inflammation as well as calm the mind and body. 

Pinene will have the overwhelming aroma of pine as it is present in a number of plants. The terpene has been studied to help people find relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.

Valencene will taste and smell like the beautiful oranges of Valencia. Strains with this include Tangie and Clementine. The terp has been known to help consumers reduce inflammation levels. 

Price Of The Banana Cream Strain

Banana Cream is not going to be the most expensive or least expensive strain out there. You can expect to pay around $40 to $45 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full oz. is going to cost around $260 to $275. 

The prices are going to be impacted by state and even city taxes on marijuana. States like California have massive taxes on marijuana which drives up prices at dispensaries. Oregon has some of the most affordable marijuana in the entire United States. Calling around or looking online to see prices of identical strains can allow you to stretch your marijuana budget the furthest. 

Banana Cream Weed Strain Seeds 

Banana Cream has feminized seeds at Choice Cannabis Seeds and Pure Sativa. Seed banks will not always ship to all states or territories. Even though some banks do mail seeds, this is federally illegal and could lead to trouble for an individual.

You are better off going to a dispensary or finding another grower with clippings. You do not want murky federal and state laws clashing with you being stuck in the middle. 

Medical Conditions Banana Cream Can Help

Marijuana is a tool that so many patients use to find relief from conditions that vary in severity. Banana Cream can help with the following medical conditions: 

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  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Loss Of Appetite

Banana Cream is not going to be the best for relieving medical conditions although it is still useful. You should opt for a strain with higher levels of CBD to find relief from certain medical issues. 

Final Thoughts On The Banana Cream Weed Strain 

Banana Cream could completely shock you with how identical it tastes compared to the dessert that is its namesake. Experienced growers are not going to have any issues producing a nice yield of potent flower. Rookie growers might want to opt for another strain that is quite easy to grow or has a massive harvest allowing fo

r a few mistakes. 

There are so many strains named after snacks and desserts. Cherry Pie could be one of the most famous although Sour Patch Kids continues to wow marijuana consumers. What is your favorite strain named after a sweet treat?

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