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You might want to take a trip to the heavens after reading this God’s Gift strain review. Known as one of the most popular breeds in California dating back to 2005, the genetic lineage is easy to get your hands on from high-quality seedbanks.

This can be a great cannabis strain for growers and users alike! It’s potent, easy to grow, and has reliable results, unlike many newer cannabis strains that haven’t got all their kinks worked out yet. Let’s see what God’s Gift has to offer.

God’s Gift Strain Genetics

God’s Gift was created in 2005 for medical marijuana dispensaries. It is a cross between the legendary strains OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, which are known as two of the most widespread medicinal marijuana strains to this day.

Is God's Gift strain an indica or sativa? God’s Gift is an indica-dominant hybrid that lives up to those standards. It is made for relaxing so don’t expect a lick of an energy boost after consuming some of this decadent ganja.

This strain features purple buds just like its parent GDP, but it is covered in bright white trichomes that make the flower glow. These trichomes house the impressive level of THC and the rich essence of this marijuana strain, as we will discuss below.

Those who enjoy the traits of God’s Gift will be happy to find two child strains that offer a different high.

Bubba’s Gift, created by Humboldt Seed Organization, is a cross of God’s Gift and the ever-popular Bubba Kush. This strain leans more into the Kush heritage and produces an uplifting high built for creativity.

Heaven Scent takes the relaxing God’s Gift and crosses it with the energizing Green Crack to create a balanced hybrid. MTG Seeds created this hybrid that delivers a steady mind and body high from it’s blue and purple buds.

Due to God’s Gift being around so long and the multiple phenotypes of Granddaddy Purp and OG Kush, there are bound to be tons of different phenotypes of God’s Gift as well. If you desire the original experience, ensure that your genetic lineages are correct and the plant is a 90/10 indica. 

Strain Yield

Due to the strong indica influences on God’s Gift, this weed strain doesn’t grow large. It tends to stay bushy with little leaf development. It will grow laterally more than vertically, making it a good choice for small indoor grow rooms.

Luckily, it’s an easy to grow strain and can produce some of the highest-quality ganja in a short amount of time, making it perfect for novice growers.

The strain will yield somewhere around 3-6 ounces of bud per square foot of plant. This is a good yield in that amount of space, but it’s important to note the small stature of these plants. You won’t be growing huge amounts of pot using this strain alone unless you have ample room.

God’s Gift Strain Flowering Time

God’s Gift can be quick to flower. It usually takes around 50-60 days of flowering time to your mature harvest.

Given the right growing climate, the buds will have deep purple and blue hues and glisten with vibrant white trichomes. It’s best to harvest when your trichomes are milky white instead of waiting to see more amber, as this can lower THC but boost the body high.

Since God’s Gift is blessed with the genetics to be very high in THC, it’s best to harvest with that ideal in mind, instead of trying to balance the high more towards a body-experience with amber crystals.

Weed Strain THC Percentage

God’s Gift clocks in at a whopping 27% for THC content. While different phenotypes of the ganja strain and growing conditions are sure to alter this number, it can be one of the most potent forms of weed you can grow and/or smoke!

Labs tests have also found God’s Gift marijuana dropping down in the 17-22% THC range, which is still potent. This is probably due to a later harvest when the average grower wants to see more amber in their trichomes.

This strain can be so potent that it can cause a massive bout of couch-lock or just send you straight to bed. It’s best to take it easy with this strain later in the day to avoid too much downtime during the peak of your day.

Those who want to settle in the watch Netflix with their favorite dessert on hand before going to be for a good night’s rest are great candidates for God’s Gift!

This sounds like heaven, right!?

God’s Gift Strain Flavor & Aroma

God’s Gift is typically rich in Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene, all terpenes that lean more towards a relaxing experience. The lab Analytical 360 has done a test of a phenotype of God’s Gift and found it to be richest in Humulene, Terpinolene, and Caryophyllene, which is quite a drastic switch-up from the genetic standards.

God’s Gift is known to have a grape or berry-like essence. It has a hash-like flavor in addition to the sweet and spicy notes.

Just like different phenotypes feature different profiles of terpenes, you are bound to find different flavors and aromas from different phenotypes of this cannabis strain.

Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

This strain can put you to sleep and bring on a case of the munchies due to the high THC content.

This makes it great medicinal marijuana for the following conditions:

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  • Insomnia
  • Lack Of Appetite
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Chronic Inflammation

It’s not going to give you that boost of energy if you are down in the dumps but it will help clear your mind to melt away into the heavens of peaceful thought.

Final Words On The God’s Gift Weed Strain

God’s Gift may not bring on a religious experience for its users, but it can deliver bliss with its potent traits. There are seed banks online that you can use to supply your feminized seeds to grow your own batch of God’s Gift!

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