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How do you know which marijuana strain to purchase?

Ever wonder which one you should try? If you are interested in growing cannabis or you buy recreational weed, you should be aware of which marijuana strain you need to purchase. Knowing the strain is important to the high you get from it, if that is what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are a medical patient, it is still good to know which marijuana strain to buy, if you want to treat your specific illness.

The Dispensary Visit

When you walk into a marijuana dispensary today, it can be quite overwhelming to make the desired choice and the best choice. The experience is similar to going into a supermarket for any other product. You will see so many similar brands of items that you don't know which ones to choose.

The same is true with various cannabis dispensaries that may have different types of products that vary from edibles to beverages to concentrates, dried flowers, beauty products, lotions, tinctures and solids.

With so many choices to make, no wonder you wouldn't know which marijuana strain to obtain when you visit a marijuana dispensary. Budtenders are there to help you.

The Smell

It is best to follow the smell. That is one of the golden rules, which will guide you into figuring out which marijuana strain you should buy. Each marijuana strain has its own distinct aroma and flavor to help you identify it. So become familiar with the smell and taste.

You should also know which ones will make you sleepy or which one will make you awake. When you walk into the marijuana dispensary, ask questions and try samples that should be provided.

The Terpene Profile

You should ask about the strain's terpene profile. Every marijuana plant produces its own terpenes; expressing it at a different level and in different variations. While you still need to know the level of THC that is in each marijuana strain, you also need to know the terpenes profile as it determines your experience.

For instance, ‘linalool' is one of the most commonly known terpenes in cannabis plants. It is this compound that has the sweetest fragrance in the lavender plant. It is this same smell you would find in the certain cannabis flowers helpful to prevent anxiety.

“Linalool,” however works along with the THC molecules in the cannabis strain to produce specific effects. So, it is safe to say that THC by itself is not as beneficially potent to contribute as a stress reliever as ‘linalool' by itself would.

The Cannabinoids

You should also learn more about the cannabinoids found in a specific marijuana strain that you might like. These profiles are just as important and beneficial as the terpene profile.

For example, you might walk into a dispensary and want to buy the Girl Scout Cookies or Sour Diesel strains and find out that it is labeled with a certain percentage of THC and a total percentage of cannabinoid and you are confused about what those figures all mean.

The best thing is to question the budtender or do your own research. On the product packaging, you might even see terms like CBD, CBN and THC.

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You have to know why these are included and what it refers to as it relates to plant compounds. CBD is usually for the person who is not looking for a strain that will make them feel high. The opposite is true for THC. On the other hand, CBN is formed after the aging of THC occurs. It will be a little psychoactive, but not as potent.

Final Thoughts on Which Medical Marijuana Strain to Purchase

To learn much more about marijuana strains and to get prepared to start a career in marijuana make sure to enroll in cannabis training at the premier cannabis training school. Get training on how to be a budtender, cooking with cannabis, how to open a cannabis business, how to grow weed and much more.

If you are uncertain about which marijuana strain to purchase, it is best to start with a recommended strain and use small dosage of it until you become familiar. Your budtender is your best friend with a wealth of knowledge. To learn more about marijuana strains, go to the top cannabis training school.

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