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Our Biscotti strain overview covers one of the West Coast’s most flavorful cannabis strains. From the famed group of cannabis breeders known as Cookies Fam, comes Biscotti, an indica hybrid strain with an intense potency, and sugary flavor.

If you can get your hands on this rare indica hybrid, we suggest you tread carefully, especially if you’re a first-time user.

Biscotti’s small nugs pack a more potent THC punch than you’d expect. Here is everything you need to know about the Biscotti strain.

What Strain is Biscotti?

Biscotti strain buds close up picture. With a table that lists the biscotti genetics, taste, smell, terpenes, and effects.

Biscotti Strain Information

The indica-dominant hybrid strain Biscotti is becoming more well-known because to its unique flavor profile and calming benefits.

Biscotti, a delicious cross of South Florida OG and Gelato #25, was born in the Bay Area. Let's examine the salient features of this exotic from California.

Biscotti Strain Genetics

Gelato #25: A well-known strain with a pleasant flavor and strong strength.
combines the genetics of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies with Sunset Sherbet.
has earthy undertones and a pleasant, spicy scent.
The effects might be anything from creative to calming.

A typical OG strain with a strong ancestry is South Florida OG.
renowned for its earthy flavor and relaxing benefits.

Biscotti Strain THC Level

THC Level: 21% on average but as high as 25% THC!

Biscotti Strain Taste & Aroma

Biscotti has an earthy, spicy, herbal, and sweet flavor that is reminiscent of a sugary confection.

Think of chewy cookies with a hint of fuel; it's a delicious combo.

Flowering Period

Flowering period of biscotti weed is around eight to nine weeks.


Biscotti strain yields about 1.6 ounces per square foot when produced inside.
If grown outdoors, Biscotti strain yields about two ounces per plant on average.

Biscotti Strain Effects

Biscotti brings about a feeling of peace and relaxation.
It'a ideal for relaxing after a demanding day.
Encourages optimism and uplifts the soul.

Is Biscotti strain indica or sativa?

Biscotti strain, also known as Biscotti Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with roots in the San Francisco area. Cookies Fam created this popular indica strain by crossing Gelato #25 and South Florida OG strains.

What is the Biscotti strain THC percentage?

Biscotti stain has THC levels as high as 25% THC.

What are some Biscotti strain names?

Biscotti: The original strain.
Biscotti x Gushers: A cross between Biscotti and Gushers strain.
Biscotti Sundae: A cross between Biscotti and Sundae Driver.
Biscotti Cake: A cross involving Biscotti and Wedding Cake strains.

What are the Biscotti strain effects?

Deep relaxation is one of Biscotti's main effects because it has an indica-dominant genetic make-up. After ingesting this strain, users frequently state that they feel at peace and tranquil.

Euphoria: Many users report feeling euphoric, which is characterized by boosted spirits and a cheerful attitude.

Pain Relieving: Due to the potential pain-relieving effects of biscotti, some medical cannabis users choose to consume it.

Increased Appetite: Similar to many cannabis strains, Biscotti may increase hunger, resulting in the “munchies.”

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Biscotti can have intellectual effects, such as improved sensory awareness and a more concentrated or contemplative mindset, despite being largely recognized for its physical effects.

Why is Biscotti strain so popular?

The indica-dominant Biscotti strain is becoming more and more well-liked among cannabis connoisseurs thanks to its delicious flavor and strong effects. It is thought to be a hybrid of the South Florida OG and Gelato #25 strains, producing a special set of characteristics.

Does Biscotti strain make you sleepy?

Yes, due to its indica-dominant genetics it can cause sleepiness and is recommended for night time use.

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