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If you're looking for one of the best strains in the world, our Blue Dream strain review gives you an in-depth look at this sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

This strain is the epitome of West Coast cannabis. Sweet, flavorful, and potent. Experience a surge of energy to get you through the day or wind down after work.

Blue Dream Strain Profile

Blue Dream, also known as Azure Haze, is one of the most popular strains in the world. It's beloved by new and seasoned growers and users alike. It boasts strong yields and buds with a thick coat of trichomes. A sweet berry and fruity flavor and aroma captivate your senses. Its high energy and euphoria are best used during the daytime or afternoon.

Blue Dream Strain Information

Average THC Level: 18%

Average CBD Level: <1%

Strain Type: Sativa

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Breeder: Unknown

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, Limonene

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History & Genetics of Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream strain is known far and wide, but not much is known about its history. Originating from the West Coast in the coastal Santa Cruz community, Blue Dream strain is thought to be a cross between a Blueberry indica strain and a sativa Haze strain.

More recently, legendary grower DJ Short revamped the strain by crossing a Silver Haze mother and a Blueberry strain to produce the new and improved Azure Haze.

Multiple seed banks have also created their own Blue Dream variety. For instance, Humboldt Seed Organization’s Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strains. Mystic Seeds’ is a cross of Blueberry and OG Kush strains.

Flavor of Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream has a distinctly fruity and berry flavor. Some users smell notes of grapes, lavender, citrus, and mango. Blue Dream’s heavy fruity flavor is balanced with a hint of floral and spice undertones. Haze lovers will appreciate this sativa strain’s earthy flavor and sweet finish.

Aroma of Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream’s aroma is much like its sweet and fruity flavor. Break apart its dense buds to uncover a sweet berry aroma reminiscent of fresh and ripe blueberries. Its fruity smell is complemented by a subtle floral scent. To finish things off, spicy and cedar notes add a deep complexity to this alluring cannabis strain.

Effects of Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is a high THC strain beloved by medicinal and recreational users alike. Its fast-acting and long-lasting energy and euphoria keep your spirits lifted.

An initial cerebral buzz takes effect instantly followed by a calm euphoria. Its balance between mental invigoration and body relaxation creates balanced effects that won’t leave you couch locked or hyperactive.

Most Blue Dream strain phenotypes lean toward the motivating and blissful sativa effects. However, some phenotypes have indica strain characteristics such as a relaxing body high. Whatever phenotype you get, its effects won’t be too overwhelming. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for daytime, afternoon, or early evening use.

Feelings: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative

Negative Side Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoid, Dizzy, Anxious

Appearance of Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Admire Blue Dream’s impeccable and potent buds. Its flowers are covered in deep green hues with hints of blue and purple in some cases. Its buds are dense and completely covered in shimmering trichomes.

Blue Dream buds usually have a popcorn-like shape but are packed with tons of cannabinoids and terpenes. Its bright orange hairs give it an even more striking appearance.

How to Grow Blue Dream Weed Strain

Blue Dream is a relatively easy marijuana strain to grow for beginners and experienced growers. While it can grow both indoors and outdoors, this strain thrives in an indoor hydroponic environment. However, many growers prefer the flavor profile from soil-based growing mediums.

This hybrid strain grows slowly at first. When it hits the flowering stage, its growth starts to pick up. Flowering times can take between 55-65 days. During this stage, it tends to stretch, branch out, and grow its buds.

Blue Dream usually grows as a single bud site. Training your weed plants can maximize your grow space to improve your yields and bud sites. However, experienced cannabis growers have noticed foxtailing bud formations. This is a common occurrence in Haze strains.

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