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The Jenny Kush strain is named after Jenny Monson who was a cannabis activist that lost her life to a drunk driver. Proceeds from this strain that was bred by Rare Dankness Seeds went to the Jenny Kush Foundation. This foundation was established to take care of Jenny’s children.

Even though this strain was created with great intentions, beginners could find themselves paranoid as this has a massive THC content. This can be the perfect strain to help you graduate to more potent strains as there are very few as strong as Jenny Kush.

Jenny Kush Strain Genetics

Jenny Kush is a 50/50 balanced hybrid of Amnesia Haze and Rare Dankness #2. This strain is great for the morning as it can give you the motivation and creativity to be productive early. Expect your body to be washed over with relaxation without any signs of sedation.

Amnesia Haze is going to be very potent and has one of the highest yields in all of cannabis. Expect a euphoric high that could leave you giggling for hours on end. Paranoia can start to creep in if you are a beginner and have consumed too much.

Rare Dankness #2 is rarely going to leave you awake as you are going to be relaxed and sleepy after consumption. Reserve this bud for the end of the day as it could lead you to fall asleep if you smoke it in the afternoon. The fact that this strain taste like berry and grape are just added benefits.

Finding strains that have similar effects yet different potencies can allow you to manage your consumption meticulously. Strains that allow you to fall asleep can allow a person to truly rejuvenate especially if they suffer from insomnia. Strains that have similar effects to Jenny Kush include Northern Lights #5 and Extreme Cream.

Jenny Kush Strain Yield

Jenny Kush can be grown indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. Outdoor grows usually yield more unless you are growing autoflowering strains that thrive indoors.

Indoors you can expect 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors you can expect 2 to 3 ounces per square foot or around 550 grams per plant.

Yield is going to be impacted by the genetics of the seeds that you purchase. Even the best growers cannot overcome poor seed genetics. Yields will also be impacted by your growing setup, soil mixture, and nutrients that you use on the plants.

Jenny Kush Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period of Jenny Kush is 50 to 60 days. This is relatively short when you consider how healthy the yield is with this strain. The Amnesia Haze genetics truly shine as this strain has massive yields.

The appearance of this strain is frosty olive green nugs. There are orange hairs and even resin that speak to how potent this strain is.

Growing the best marijuana of your life indoors will require you to get strains that thrive under similar conditions. There are some strains that need warmer temperatures or less humidity. Indoors you can control these variables while outdoors you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

THC Percentage Of The Jenny Kush Strain

The THC percentage of Jenny Kush is 28 to 31 percent. This is one of the strongest strains available in the cannabis industry and should be reserved for veteran smokers.

Flavor And Aroma Of Jenny Kush

The flavor of Jenny Kush is of berries and citrus. The aroma is earthy with a hint of lemon. The terpene profile of this strain is comprised of Valencene, Geraniol, and Bisabolol.

Valencene has the taste and aroma of oranges. Strains that are high in this terpene include Agen Orange and Black Russian which both have anti-inflammatory effects.

Geraniol can be found in a number of plants and fruits. There are going to be notes of rose and even citrus with this terpene. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels include Frosted Cake and White Runtz.

Bisabolol has a floral aroma and can be used to promote relaxation. For this reason, this strain can be great at combatting insomnia and anxiety.

Finding strains that you can enjoy with similar flavors yet different effects is important. Some people love fruity strains while others want the potent taste of diesel upon the exhale. Do some testing to see which flavor of cannabis that you truly enjoy.

Strains that are similar in terms of flavor include Mango Sapphire and Wedding Cake.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

Marijuana has changed the lives of a number of patients for the better. Being able to address health conditions in a healthy manner is very important. Jenny Kush can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Seizures

Jenny Kush does not have massive levels of CBD but can address a number of conditions as you can see. The best part about using marijuana to solve health issues is there are no side effects from long-term usage. This is far different than other medications that could be potentially deadly if you immediately stop taking them.

Jenny Kush Strain Price

Jenny Kush Strain price on average is $11-$15 per gram, $46-58 per 1/8th oz, $97-$108 per 1/4 oz, and $202-$217 per 1/2 oz.

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Final Words On The Jenny Kush Strain

Jenny Kush is definitely a strain that you should try when you believe that you are ready. Get the seeds from Rare Dankness Seeds or purchase this strain in a dispensary. Newer smokers might want to toke with caution as a single hit can keep you high for hours on end.

Growing marijuana takes experience and a bit of luck. A person that has experience or assistant from a commercial grower can take their growing game to the next level. These professionals can help with things like see if you are overwatering your plants or using too many nutrients which results in nutrient burn.

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