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The Kush Cake strain is also known as LA Kush Cake or Kush Cake #5. Regardless of what you refer to this strain as you will never be disappointed when you spark up a bowl of this flower. The terpene profile combined with the potency makes this a great experience for people of any experience level.

The potency is by no means one for a first-time smoker to overindulge on. The best aspect of getting high on weed is that certain strains hit you far harder than others.

Genetics Of Kush Cake Strain

Kush Cake is a hybrid of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. 

Cherry Pie is mentioned in a number of rap songs with Kodak Black talking about smoking on the Cherry Pie. Look for a delicious strain that also have a great potency with over 20 percent THC. Expect to be relaxed with this Indica-dominant hybrid along with getting a rush of euphoria.

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular strains that has been bred in the last decade. Cookies Farm takes credit for this strain and keeps the quality of the strain high by not releasing seeds to home growers. Look for a massive THC percentage that clocks in around 26 percent along with a relaxing high that can relax you to the point of sedation.

Kush Cake Strain Yield

Kush Cake is a versatile strain in terms of being able to be grown indoors or outdoors. The strain is perfect for amateur growers that might not be ready to take on more difficult strains to grow. Indoor growers will expect less per plant in terms of yield although the yield is stil relatively healthy.

Indoors a grower will see a yield of around 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors a grower can expect Kush Cake to yield 2 to 3 ounces per square foot or roughly over 500 grams per plant.

Flowering Period Of The Kush Cake Strain

The flowering time for Kush Cake is 7 to 8 weeks. This is a shorter flowering period than some strains that might yield a bit more. Considering the flowering period, Kush Cake has a very reasonable yield and a heavy yield with the short time spent in the flowering phase.

THC Percentage Of Kush Cake

The THC percentage of Kush Cake ranges from 18 to 20. While this is not as strong as super-potent strains like Chemdawg, even experienced smokers should approach this strain with caution. Overconsumption is never enjoyable especially if you don’t have too much experience smoking large amounts of weed.

Flavor And Aroma Of The Kush Cake Strain

Expect a hint of apples on the exhale and a bit of mint tea to be included as well. The terpene profile of Kush Cake is dominated by Pugelone, Humulene, Limonene, and Terpinolene.

A number of these terpenes help reduce anxiety and even inflammation which in turn reduces pain. Don’t underestimate the assistance of a diverse terpene profile when it comes to finding relief.

Medical Conditions This Weed Strain Can Help Address

Kush Cake may just help with the following medical problems:

Kush Cake Strain Price

Kush Cake
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Kush Cake strain price on average is $12-$15 per gram, $45-58 per 1/8th oz, $96-$108 per 1/4 oz, and $202-$212 per 1/2 oz.

Kush Cake Weed Strain Summary

Popular cannabis strain “Kush Cake” is prized for its strong effects and mouthwatering flavor characteristic. 

Aroma and Flavor: Kush Cake tastes just like vanilla cake and smells sweet and dessert-like. Frequently, the flavor has a creamy, sweet flavor profile with traces of earthy overtones that is similar to the aroma.

Medical Use: Some medical cannabis users choose Kush Cake because of its calming properties to treat symptoms like anxiety, sadness, chronic pain, and sleeplessness.

Growing: Kush Cake might be a little difficult to grow, especially for novices. It necessitates careful consideration of the humidity, lighting, and temperature. However, with the right care, it can produce aromatic, rich, resinous buds.

Is Kush Cake indica or sativa?

Kush Cake, also known as “Wedding Cake” or “Pink Cookies,” is a hybrid that is thought to be a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.

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What are the Kush Cake effects?

Users frequently describe a euphoric and upbeat mental high along with a profound sense of physical relaxation when using this substance, which is well known for its strong effects. It's a strain that's best used at night or when unwinding is the main objective.

What is the Kush Cake THC level?

THC Content: Kush Cake typically contains 20% to 25% THC, yet it can contain much more depending on the growing methods and particular genotype.

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Gavin Kushman

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