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The Nerds strain is named after a childhood favorite candy of many children of the 1990s.

Lineage Of The Nerds Strain

nerds candy

Nerds is a balanced hybrid of Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough. The potency is not going to be overwhelming but the high is relaxing and can be great for social settings.

Grape Ape will have the aroma of grapes and the flavor of berries. The high is very relaxing as this is a 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid. The strain has around 21 percent THC so it is considered quite potent.

Strawberry Cough could be one of the most delicious strains you have ever tried but it does come with a hefty price at times. Expect your problems and stress to melt away without too much sedation making this a great daytime strain.

What Growers Can Expect In Terms Of Yield With Nerds

The Nerds strain can be grown indoors or outdoors as it is relatively short. Outdoors you can only expect around 150 grams per plant while indoors you will get 0.5 ounces per square foot.

The yield is relatively low which can happen with some strains that were bred for flavor.

Flowering Phase Of The Nerds Strain

The flowering period of Nerds lasts around 7 weeks which is very short which makes the small yields no surprise. The appearance of this bud is bright green with purple hues that gives it the appearance of the famous candy.

There are amber hairs and a small covering of trichomes as this is not the most potent strain on the market.

THC Percentage

The THC percentage of Nerds ranges from 14 to 17 percent. The potency means that all smokers with experience can enjoy this strain.

Taste And Smell

The flavor of the Nerds strain will be of berry, fruit, and grape. The aroma will differ as it is a bit earthy with some fruity notes. The terpene profile of Nerds is made up of Ocimene, Humulene, and Eucalyptol.

Cost of Nerds Strain

You can expect the nerds strain to cost $50 per 1/8th, $90 1/4th, $170 for half of an ounce, and $300 dollars per ounce.

Is nerds strain indica or sativa?

Nerds is a balanced hybrid of Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough.

Final Thoughts On The Nerds Weed Strain

The Nerds strain is definitely one that you should try to grow or purchase flower of. The seeds are pretty widely available but make sure they are coming from a reputable source.

Learning how to grow weed can be a challenge if you try to do this without any online research.

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Nerds is one of the tastiest strains on the market, what type of taste do you look for in your marijuana?

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