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Let's take a look at some awesome sativa strains. The weather has finally loosened is cold, wintery grip and the warmer days of spring are making outdoor activities enjoyable once again.

Whether it’s a jog in the morning along the beach, an ambitious hike with your canine buddy on mountain trails, or merely something as unchallenging but enjoyable as throwing a Frisbee or football in the park with a friend, a good upbeat and motivational strains is exactly what you need during this time of year.

If you work in a dispensary, your customers are coming in looking to stock up for a day out and about. They want to take advantage of the motivational effects of sativa strains so they can celebrate the beauty of the outdoors during spring. Trees and wildflowers are blooming, and the days are pleasantly mild and thoroughly enjoyable. The temperatures are not too hot, not too cold, but just about perfect.

The scorching and exhausting days of summer are coming soon enough. For many people, spring is the perfect season, and they intend to savor the weather and the opportunities it provides. Keep this in mind when you discuss good strain choices with customers who plan to spend their weekends or days off outdoors. Various cannabis strains are seasonal in more ways than one.  

What are Sativa Strains?

Many cannabis enthusiasts label sativa strains as “daytime bud” and indica as “nighttime bud.” There are sound reasons for these classifications. You can slightly modify these strain categories and tag sativa as outdoor, and indica as indoor, flower.

A potent and sedative indica smoked in the sunny outdoors sometimes isn’t the right fit. It hits hard and has a sedative, “couch-lock” effect that makes many people forget all about their jog and decide to do something no more motivational than sitting on a park bench.

The jog is long forgotten, and with a growling stomach, thoughts shift to where to find the best burger or pizza in town. There’s nothing wrong with indica at all—any true cannabis connoisseur has his or her short list of favorites—but they’re more suited to nighttime use or dreary winter days when people are trapped indoors.

If you’re a consumer, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new sativa releases. Just about everyone has a favorite strain, but to restrict yourself to those popular go-to varieties is so limiting when there are increasingly exciting genetics afloat in 2019.

With new and interesting sativas now hitting dispensaries, if you own a cannabis retail business, you should be trying to find them—or grow them if you’re vertically integrated. Strains like Wedding Crasher (see below) are new to the cannabis space and are very good.

Marijuana breeders and growers are operating in an unrestricted market in the modern age of legal cannabis, and the strains hitting the scene are exciting, and often quite powerful. Most of the strains that follow are relatively new and hit the market sometime during the past few years, if not sooner. A few of the following picks, however, are just great springtime strains.

It's time to learn sativa strains, learn indica strain, learn hybrid strains, and round out your overall strain knowledge!

New Cultivars

If you’re a grower, either commercially or privately, the following strains are good ones to seek. Most are new to the market, while a few—like Tangie—have been popular for some time but are still new enough and appropriate enough for spring to enjoy, and promote, not to mention grow at any time of the year.

Many of these strains are so new that the tedious process of stabilizing them enough to release in a seed form has not yet occurred. Fresh cuts will no doubt trickle out to select, lucky recipients in order to produce clones, and these strains will spread from there over time. Some strains are regional, while others are widespread.

What was new and elusive yesterday becomes ordinary and common tomorrow, and this is particularly true in the world of cannabis genetics. The following dozen strains have a lot to offer. If you can locate one or more, reach for your wallet. You won’t be disappointed!

New Sativa Strains

1. Peanut Butter Soufflé

This heavyweight indica-dominate strain still has enough balance to not be racy or produce anxiety. The lofty THC levels definitely makes Peanut Butter Soufflé a memorable smoke. Created in a joint venture by pHinest and Cannarado, this strain is popular primarily on the West Coast and Colorado.

Expect a motivational and balanced high and a pungent, nutty flavor, just like the name  suggests. PB Soufflé cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid from Phinest and Cannarado.

It has greenish purple nugs that are dark tone and are coated with resin. Peanut Butter Souffle buds are big and thick and really fo have a peanut butter aftertaste. 

2. Wedding Crasher

A cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, Wedding Crasher is something altogether new and different. Created by Symbiotic Genetics, Wedding Crasher’s balanced effects make it upbeat but not racy, with sweet berry flavors balanced by earthy goodness.

This strain is definitely one to try this spring. Its  high is great for doing things outside and staying active. Produced by Symbiotic Genetics this is a marijuana strain you should try. 

3. Mystical Mule

Guaranteed to provide motivational and uplifting effects, Mystic Mule has a potency that kicks like its namesake. Produced by The Farm, its lineage is complex, with Bubba Kush, Chemdawg, Green Crack, and Moonshine Haze all playing a role.

The flavors are citrusy, tangy, and fruity, Mystic Mule will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

4. Mango Haze

Not a new strain like most of the others on this list, Mango Haze is a Mr. Nice creation that lives up to the Haze part of its name by providing a boost of upbeat euphoria.

Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights #5 genetics combine to produce sativa effects with a mildly relaxing quality from the NL. The flavor profile lives up to its name, with a distinctly sweet mango presence.

5. Pineapple Trainwreck

This one’s been around for a while but makes an excellent springtime strain nonetheless. Created from two classics, Pineapple Express and Trainwreck, Pineapple Trainwreck provides a relaxing effect with focused clarity and enough motivation to put it firmly in the sativa camp.

The potency is not as strong as some others on this list, but enough to keep you productive and happy during any outdoor jaunt.

6. Miracle Alien Cookies

This strain, also known as merely MAC, is a new one from Capulator. Miracle Alien Cookies was created by crossing Alien Cookies with select sativa genetics. The overall sativa effect has enough indica to provide nice balance.

The flavor profile is a complex combination of pungent dankness and subtle chem and diesel notes with a distinct sweetness. If you can find some MAC in your area, by all means enjoy it this spring.

7. Sour Berry Blue

Another product of The Farm, sour Berry Blue is an invigorating sativa-leaning smoke. As its name suggests, Sour Berry Blue combines other established strains, although probably not the ones you’d guess.

The strain is an Alpha Blue x Sour Strawberry cross, which results in a tasty and sweet berry flavor. The effects are uplifting and potency is respectable.

8. Tangie

Not a new strain, Tangie is a classic that makes an outstanding choice during the spring months. This DNA Genetics legends combines California Orange with a skunk strain. It has a tart quality that makes it different than California Orange and reminiscent of Tangerine Dream. This is a happy, upbeat strain, and its sweet citrus flavor is bound to please. DNA Genetics knocked another one out of the park with this one.

9. Raspberry Cough

With a name reminiscent of Strawberry Cough (another great springtime strain), Raspberry Cough contains none of the strawberry classic’s genetics. This raspberry strain from Nirvana Seeds is a Cambodian landrace strain crossed with another Nirvana creation, ICE.

While ICE has strong indica qualities, Raspberry Cough behaves like a sativa with pleasing sweet berry flavors. Raspberry Cough is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica). This cannabis strain has a typical THC level of 15-24%.

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10. Blueberry Muffins

Humboldt Seed Company created this relatively new strains from the DJ Short Classic Blueberry crossed with Purple Panty Dropper. Although technically indica dominant, Blueberry Muffins has a pleasing sativa balance.

It’s no mystery where the blueberry flavors come from, but a creamy quality is present, too. The sweet berry flavor and balanced effects make fans out of most who try this wonderful strain.

11. Tropicana Cookies

An American strain from Phat Panda in Washington, Tropicana Cookies is a sativa hybrid that combined Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie for a sweet citrusy and smooth flavor.

The happy, motivational high will set the perfect tone for any springtime outdoor adventure. Its potency is guaranteed to boost your mood and keep you socially engaged.

12. Ultra Sour

Ultra Sour has been around for a couple of years, but is still enough of a newcomer to make this list. Created by THSeeds, a company with an outstanding portfolio of outstanding strains (including a great indica-leaning Bubblegum), Ultra Sour combines MK Ultra and New York City Diesel for an all-new sativa with outstanding lemony pine flavor.

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