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Sativa dominant strains being held
Sativa Dominant Strains

So, you like the sativa-based high that gives you the energy and motivation to make it through a tough day? You like the cerebral effects but don’t really want an overpowering physical relaxation that your friends like from their favorite indica dominant strains?

Well, we have the perfect list for you right here! Here at CTU, we know quite a few sativa fans and wanted to put together a list of the 10 best sativa dominant strains that shouldn’t be too hard to find. You’ll want to try these out!

What Is A Sativa Dominant Cannabis Strain?

Sativa dominant strains tend to grow taller than indicas. Leaves are thinner and the buds tend to be a bit smaller than those grown with indica varieties.

While many cannabis users believe there are many other differences between sativa and indica, including the difference in the high. In reality, it’s not true.

The truth is that the myth of sativas being energizing and indicas being relaxing has been passed down for so long that now the top-rated indicas in the cannabis industry are relaxing and the sativas are energizing.

So, while the genetic differences in sativas and indicas only amount to the differences in how they grow, now indicas are relaxing and sativas are energizing through selective breeding and years of feedback of what cannabis connoisseurs enjoy.

What To Expect From Sativa Weed?

The effects of sativa dominant strains are typically what you’d want from a daytime smoke session. You want some energy, motivation, focus, and creativity to boost your productivity in the day.

You really don’t want to be couch-locked or need a nap after smoking sativa. So, to make this list the marijuana strains must be energizing and motivating in some form so you sativa fans out there can blaze during the day and enjoy!

The Top 10 Sativa Dominant Strains

We made sure to only include strains that are common enough to be found in most major cannabis markets. While a certain sativa strain may be the best you’ve ever had, it doesn’t do our readers any good if it’s so rare that they can’t try it for themselves!

Lime Skunk

Lime Skunk provides consumers with a clear-headed high that delivers a good boost in energy as well. THC levels average around 19% and the abundant essence of limes makes this strain a must-try for those who appreciate designer cannabis strains and still want to have a productive day.

Lemon Meringue

Exotic Genetix crossed Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream to create Lemon Meringue Pie. The essence resembles a fresh slice of meringue pie with hints of citrus, diesel, and nuttiness.

This one will give you a boost of motivation and provide the stimulus to perform more physical activity with a mental euphoria.

Quantum Kush

Quantum Kush is the result of crossing Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck. Homegrown Natural Wonders put together this wonderful cannabis strain that can produce energy and relaxation. Stress is no match for this marijuana strain that delivers around 19% THC.

The aroma is both earthy and sweet, pleasing those who enjoy the Kush heritage.

White Nightmare

If Blue Dream could be made better, what would it need? This cross of Blue Dream and White Moonshine keeps true to the Blue Dream essence with a hint of earthy hash on the tastebuds as well.

THC levels average around 23%, which can easily turn a dream into a nightmare for those who don’t have a high tolerance for THC. Otherwise, this potent cannabis strain delivers a happy euphoria filled with energy that can fight off stress and depression!

Sour Amnesia

Sour Deisel and Amnesia are both popular, so HortiLab Seeds did the right thing and bred them to create Sour Amnesia. Back in 2012, it placed 2nd in the High Times Cannabis Cup and it has been pleasing consumers since.

THC levels hover around 21% and the high is known to boost creativity. This happy daytime bud delivers a balance of tangy citrus and zesty diesel flavors that mix well.

Red Congolese

In the age of dankesteins cannabis strains that are descended from multiple generations of hybrids, landrace-based weed strains are a rarity.

Red Congolese is a blend of African sativa landrace genetics mixed in with Mexican and Afghani traits to create a cannabis strain that has risen in popularity, particularly in the California markets.

A weightless high that provides focus and clarity is commonly experienced with Red Congolese. THC levels are also known to reach 23% or higher, so beginners beware!


Tangie and Chocolope intertwine to create this child-strain rich in both the citrus and chocolate essences of its parents. The high can boost creativity and induce a case of the giggles. The terpene profile is strong and unique, making Tangilope a must-try.

THC levels hover around 14%, which makes it a great choice for beginners and those who want more productivity out of their day instead of an intensely psychoactive experience.

Sour Tangie

This time, Tangie is crossed with East Coast Sour Deisel. The strain has two distinct phenotypes that either lean towards the Sour Deisel or the Tangie traits, so finding the one you like may take a couple of tries.

The well-known essence of Sour Deisel seems soaked in citrus with Sour Tangie. The high is elevating and uplifting and THC levels are around 18%.

Tropicana Cookies

What is with Tangie?! Yet again, Tangie was used to create a great sativa-dominant hybrid, this time bred with the legendary GSC. The citrus and cookies aromas clash together with buds reaching THC levels around 16%.

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Dirty Girl

The result of crossing Arcata Lemon Wreck, which is a hybrid of Trainwreck, and Cinderella 99. Tropical and citrus fruits align with a hint of the fresh scent of Pine-Sol for the aroma. The flavor is more like lemon candy and it is known to produce a happy and creative buzz. THC levels are typically around 19%.

What Are Your Favorite Sativas?

Did your favorite sativa dominant strains make it on this top 10 list? Everybody has a difference of opinion when it comes to cannabis strains, but we are sure that’d you’d love the majority of these sativa-dominant pot strains if you tried them out for yourself!

Interesting in learning more about cannabis genetics and how to grow it yourself? Our professional cannabis growing course here at CTU is a great choice!

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