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Where and how was the Lemon Skunk strain conceived?  There are two different phenotypes when it comes to this marijuana strain. One is the aroma and the next is the flavor, which are two strong attributes of the Lemon Skunk strain. The flavor is citrus and skunky in nature and that could be how it derived its name.

The user gets an energetic and happy buzz from consuming Lemon Skunk strain. When you consume this strain, it will get you out of any funk you are in, especially stress and depression.

The Classic Look of Lemon Skunk Strain

This kind of cannabis strain has a classic look, which could be described as bright green and orange. It is similar in color to other skunk family strains. You can expect it to be dense and well-preserved. Some are not as dense, but the level of dryness might make it look far denser than is normal.

Its harvest time has to reach its full potential for more density to be displayed and seen by the naked eyes. Make sure that you tighten up the trim so that the large structured calyx can be seen. The leaves can look a little frosty, but this is not really a flaw because it is naturally frosty in most cases. The Lemon Skunk strain is very appealing, hands down! Let's now look at its different attributes.

The Description

Lemon Skunk is relatively tall in stature and it is a good marijuana plant to produce as many cannabis growers will tell you.  This strain has a heavy citrus tinge, very potent and provides a relaxing and calming effect on the cannabis user. The buds are green in color. The pistils are orange in color. The colas of this marijuana strain are dense and shaped like a spear and pretty much what many women want and love.

Flavor of Lemon Skunk

You will definitely enjoy the flavor of the Lemon Skunk strain.  It is not as sweet as other marijuana strains, but it has an earthy flavor with a dominant presence of lemon that you feel when you smoke and exhale.

When smoking this strain, it is relatively expansive, filling up the chest quite easily and so, you may experience a level of coughing, especially when you take larger hits. Otherwise, it will just hit the throat in a smooth manner as long as the puff is smaller.

The Aroma

The smell of the Lemon Skunk strain is pungent once you broke apart the buds. The potency revs up when it is broken apart. Other similar strains in the Lemon family tend to give off a sweet smell. In the background, you might get that sweet skunk smell.

The Effects of Lemon Skunk

Though, we do not profess to be medical doctors, we can give our opinion based on other people's personal experience and testimony. The Lemon Skunk is a 420 strain, known for its ability to elevate the mood, acts as a muscle relaxant, provides pain relief, stimulates the appetite, gives mental energy, and helps with reducing fatigue and terrible headaches.

The Narrative

One of the Lemon Skunk strains comes from the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. And many say that this is where it made its way from as it was taken to Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam, it is known to have become part of the country's breeding project, producing the final Lemon Skunk strain that we know of today. The final strain ended up being one of the winners of the Cannabis Cup.

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Summary of Lemon Skunk Strain

Lemon Skunk has a high lemon quality as it relates to the flavor and aroma. Its effect is relaxing and its potency is high enough to satisfy the user.

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Gavin Kushman

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