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The Peach Cobbler strain is one that was much-needed and developed by the Skunk Brothers. The strain delivers a delicious experience but it might not be for everyone. Potency is the name of the game with this strain and it could leave even daily smokers higher than they could imagine.

Peach Cobbler can be that strain that helps you graduate to stronger strains. Doing this in a delicious strain with one that won’t immediately knock you out is important. Not all stoners like to sleep their high away as some use weed as a motivating force.

Peach Cobbler Strain Genetics

Peach Cobbler is a balanced 50/50 hybrid of Peach Kush, Romulan, Monster Sauce, and Sour Diesel. The strain will keep you energized and high for hours from a single smoke session. The high will end with relaxation especially if you were productive after consumption.

Peach Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has around 20 percent THC. Expect fruity flavors from this strain as it slowly creeps up on you. You might even feel a jolt of motivation when you first smoke this strain.

Romulan can have up to 24 percent THC and is an Indica strain. The flavors will be of citrus and pine. Save this strain for the end of the day as couch-lock is certain with Romulan.

Monster Sauce is truly a monster as it can put even veteran smokers out for the count. The beautiful fruit and grape flavors are an added feature to the potency. Expect to be couch-locked like never before with this Indica-dominant hybrid.

Sour Diesel is a legendary strain as it is the perfect one to smoke then go on with your day. Expect a beautiful diesel smell along with taste with this one. Trying Sour Diesel for the first time can be enlightening as some people have only smoked strains that make them tired.

Finding a handful of strains with similar effects can be an enjoyable trial and error experience. Strains that are similar to Peach Cobbler are Billy Kimber and Godfather OG.

Peach Cobbler Strain Yield

Peach Cobbler can be grown indoors or outdoors. The small yields of this strain might make it best to grow indoors to control environmental variables.

Both indoors and outdoor you can expect a little under 6 ounces per plant. There are some strains that produce over 20 ounces per plant but rarely are they as potent as Peach Cobbler.

Noting the strain yield before you purchase seeds is always going to be important. Make sure that you find quality seeds as it could be the most important thing you do if you are an experienced grower. Not all seed banks have accurate yield information so check out a few grow diaries for the strain you are interested in.

Peach Cobbler Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time for Peach Cobbler is 45 to 50 days which is relatively short. The yields being relatively small is no surprise due to this short flowering phase.

The appearance of this bud is flat golden nugs that are bright green and covered with resin and gold trichomes. The covering of trichomes is not a surprise due to the THC content which will be discussed below.


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Finding strains that are similar to grow can allow you to fill a grow tent or garden with strains that thrive under similar conditions. Strains that are similar to grow to Peach Cobbler are Lemon Skunk and Member Berry.

THC Percentage Of The Peach Cobbler Strain

The THC percentage of Peach Cobbler Ranges from 20 to 28 percent. In other words, if you are a beginner you should avoid this strain or smoke using extreme caution. The Skunk Brothers were not messing around when they bred this incredibly potent strain.

Flavor And Aroma Of Peach Cobbler

The flavor will be highlighted by citrus and diesel. The aroma is fruity yet earthy. The terpene profile of this strain includes Humulene, Carene, Valencene, Bisabolol, and Pinene.

Humulene has a spicy flavor and can help promote a calm mind and relaxed body. Strains that are high in this terpene include Blue Cookies and Zookies.

Carene has a scent that is similar to that of lemons and a flavor of wood. Strains that are high in this terpene include Mob Boss and Dragon Fruit.

Valencene can help with inflammation while being incredibly delicious as it tastes/smells like oranges. Strains that are high in this terpene include Agent Orange and Black Russian.

Bisabolol is a number of products due to its flowery smell. This terpene has been known to help with insomnia, stress, and depression. The calming smell and effects make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Pinene has the aroma of pine and earth. The terpene can be used to treat pain, anxiety, and stress. Strains that contain Pinene at high levels include Cherry Bom and Alien Cookies.

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Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

Marijuana made its way back into the mainstream once medical professionals understood how much help it could be. The beauty of the plant is there are receptors in the body that respond to it. Peach Cobbler can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

CBD levels are low with this strain as it was made to be a THC juggernaut along with having a great flavor. CBD can always be supplemented during the day in a variety of forms if you prefer not to smoke CBD flower.

Final Thoughts On The Peach Cobbler Weed Strain

Peach Cobbler is a strain that you need to get your hands on if you have the chance. You might not be ready for an entire joint of the strain but a few tokes will suffice. Growing this strain can be moderately difficult so it should be reserved for experienced growers. 

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