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The Purple Cake strain is one for those that have extensive experience smoking weed. Not only this, but they should also have smoked very potent strains in the past. The strain can be a creeper as you might think the sweet flavor means the strain is anything but potent. 

Below will be all you need to know about the Purple Cake marijuana strain. 

Purple Cake Strain Genetics

Is Purple Cake strain an Indica or Sativa?

Purple Cake AKA Purple Cake Batter is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Cake Batter and Purple OG. You will be filled with happiness as well as a focus while your body relaxes. You will not be sedated which makes this a great end-of-the-day strain. 

Cake Batter strain has a massive 24 percent THC so it should be reserved for those with extensive marijuana experience. Expect full relaxation and mental stimulation without any form of sedation. Nausea and chronic pain can both be treated with this strain. 

Purple OG is very strong in terms of its effects even though it tops out at 20 percent THC. You are going to slowly relax without being completely sedated. The berry, diesel, and grape flavors will keep you returning for more. 

Purple Cake Weed Strain Yield

Cake is going to be able to be grown indoors or outdoors. You can expect around a pound per plant maximum in an outdoor growing environment. Indoors you might see around 1.5 ounces per square foot. 

The yield that you see from a strain has so many variables that factor into what you see during harvest time. Certain strains have far higher yields that you could have imagined. Others might provide a personal smoking stash for a few weeks or months depending on your level of consumption. 

Purple Cake Pot Strain Flowering Time

field of cannabis plants, purple cake weed strain

The flowering phase is going to last anywhere from 8 to 9 weeks. The nugs are small as well as dense with a dark green color with purple notes. The trichomes have a purple tint as well making this a great strain aesthetically. 

Setting up a grow to harvest at the same time might present some issues. There are vastly different harvest times and some need to wait until much later in the season. There are strains with similar flowering times which could make it more convenient to harvest at the same time. 

THC Content Of Purple Cake Weed

The potency of Purple Cake is going to be 23 to 25 percent THC. This is never going to a less than potent strain so beware as a new consumer. Some people do well with potent strains while others find them far too intense to enjoy appropriately. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Purple Cake Strain

The flavor, as well as aroma, is going to be of berry, grape, and earth. The terpene profile is comprised of Limonene, Humulene, and Myrcene. 

Limonene is named after its aroma and flavor which is comparable to lemon or lime. The ability to reduce stress and anxiety makes this delicious terpene a favorite. Tangie and Agent Orange both contain this terpene. 

Humulene helps promote calmness of the body. The terpene has a spicy flavor that you can recognize. Jack Frost and Dragon Fruit contain this sweet terpene. 

Myrcene helps people relax whether it is their mind or body that is tense. Sour Diesel and OG Kush both have high levels of this terpene that allows you to unwind. 

Price Of Purple Cake Marijuana

The price of Purple Cake weed is going to be relatively affordable at around $50 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full ounce is going to be less per gram at $340. Buying in bulk is always going to be important when you are trying to get the most weed for your budget. Buying various 1/8ths is not going to be great as these are usually more per gram than an ounce.

Tracking the prices of the dispensaries or delivery services near you is very wise. There are so many options in some places that prices can fluctuate for similar products in a major way. Buying in bulk is always going to be important when you are trying to stretch your dollar. 

Purple Cake Weed Seeds

Seed Finder and Greenpoint Seeds both carry feminized Purple Cake marijuana seeds. You want feminized seeds so a potential male plant doesn’t wreak havoc on an entire crop. The drawback is that you cannot legally receive cannabis seeds in the mail due to federal law. 

Don’t fall for the trap of convenience by opting for seed bank as legal trouble is never worth it. You don’t want packages delayed due to a previous charge leading to intense searching of everything you purchase online. Fines or potential incarceration are both possible depending if the seed bank sent something else illegal like a sample joint of the strains you are planning to grow. 

Medical Conditions Purple Cake Can Help

Medical conditions can see relief through the use of various marijuana products. You might have to try a few to find the relief you want but it can reveal the true power of cannabis. Purple Cake can help with the following medical conditions: 

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  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Stress

The CBD content is not going to be high enough to relieve conditions that react positively to cannabidiol. Cannabinoids work together to provide relief so a diverse terpene profile is something that can work wonders. 

Final Words On The Purple Cake Weed Strain

The Purple Cake weed strain is one that you’ll need to invest in when you find it available. You enjoy the potency, flavor, and effects. Understanding what to expect from a high with a strain can allow you to plan a great time with friends or alone. Take the time to do all of the research possible including smoking the strain before deciding to grow it. 

There are a number of strains named after desserts of various kinds. What is your favorite strain named after a cake or dessert?

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