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In this article we will compare cannabis training programs.

With the recent explosion of the cannabis industry, more and more cannabis training schools are popping up on the internet.

Some of these cannabis training schools are more experienced than others for sure.

When looking for a cannabis training institute it is important to look at the following features:

-How long has the cannabis training school been in business?

-How many classes are included at the cannabis training program?

-How many ebooks do you get to keep as your own when you finish the cannabis school?

-How many graduates has the cannabis training school had?

-How many videos are included in the cannabis training programs?

-How much does it cost for all of the content from the cannabis training college?

-How accepted in the cannabis industry are the certifications from the cannabis training institution?

-How many certifications are included on the price?

-Does the cannabis institute offer any insight into cannabis careers and marijuana jobs?

-Who are the instructors at the cannabis school and what kind of experience do they have in the cannabis industry?

When looking at comparing cannabis schools and answering all of these criteria, let's take a detailed look at Cannabis Training University when compared to all other marijuana schools.


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-Cannabis Training University was the first online cannabis college back in 2009. All other online cannabis colleges have since jumped on the bandwagon. CTU was the first and has the most experience offering online cannabis training.

-Cannabis Training University gives more information than all other online marijuana schools. 200 videos, over 100 ebooks, courses in all areas of the cannabis industry, including how to grow marijuana indoors, how to grow marijuana outdoors, how to cook with cannabis, how to do cannabis extractions, marijuana laws and regulations for all states and cannabis areas worldwide, marijuana as a medicine, dispensary operations, marijuana delivery service setup, budtending certification, cannabis careers, cannabis jobs, how to write a cannabis resume, and how to write a cannabis business plan.

-Cannabis Training University is the only cannabis college that gives students over 5000 pages of cannabis ebooks. No other cannabis training program gives even a fraction of that.

-Cannabis Training University (CTU) has more graduates than all cannabis training schools combined. With many thousands of graduates from over twenty countries.

-Cannabis Training University gives over 200 real videos in the cannabis training program. Other online cannabis training institutes and thc university types give powerpoint slideshows (not videos) that were made for very low cost to cut corners. CTU is the only school that invested many thousands of dollars into actual Hollywood style high definition cannabis videos with closed caption for the hearing impaired as well. CTU did not cut corners with a low budget approach like other cannabis schools have.

-Cannabis Training University is the most affordable cannabis college. Other cannabis schools charge three to ten times as much for less training and less time. CTU is the lowest cost cannabis college yet gives more education and more time to access it all.

-Cannabis Training University is the most accepted cannabis certificate in the industry since it has the most graduates, the most information, and has been in business since 2009, well before all other online cannabis programs.

-Cannabis Training University has the largest marijuana jobs board on its website. The cannabis jobs are refreshed daily. CTU also includes how to write a cannabis resume, how to write a cannabis business plan, how to start a cannabis career, where are the best cannabis jobs, cannabis job salaries, where to invest in the marijuana industry, and other helpful cannabis career information.

-Cannabis Training University certifies students in the most areas, 7 cannabis certifications for the price of 1.

When comparing marijuana schools, CTU gives a lot more for a lot less.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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-The instructors at Cannabis Training University include cannabis doctors, cannabis lawyers, cannabis growers, cannabis chefs, cannabis budtenders, cannabis dispensary operators, cannabis scientists, and other cannabis business owners with the most experience out of any cannabis college. CTU even has Ed Rosenthal, one of the most published cannabis cultivators on it's staff.

As you can see, when you weed out under qualified cannabis schools, it is important to look closely at each cannabis college.

It is clear that Cannabis Training University is the premier cannabis school when comparing all marijuana training programs.

Don't be fooled by the less qualified, more expensive cannabis training programs out there. Your cannabis career might just depend on it.