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Cannabis legalization at home and abroad has caused an uptick in cannabis training schools. Earning industry credentials from a renowned certification program is a great way to learn how to use and grow the plant, find a cannabis job, or start a cannabis business.

With so many higher learning options, it can be hard to determine which training institute is the right one for you. Here, we compare the top cannabis schools to help you find one that fits your budget and become a cannabis expert. Let's take a look at cannabis training programs compared.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cannabis Education

You are ready to start a hobby, career, or business in cannabis and want to find a reputable cannabis training program, but you don’t know which one’s the best. Consider these factors to find a suitable education program.

  • Price: Cannabis training programs can cost just a few bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the course/program. Beyond the price, consider if what you’re getting is a good value.
  • Reputation: How long has the program been around? Who is in their faculty? What do alumni have to say about their experience? Since there is no national accreditation for cannabis training programs, it’s up to you to find a quality program.
  • Flexibility: Is the program based online? Do you have to attend in-person classes? How much access time do you get to the course content? Figure out if the program fits within your schedule.
  • Content: Consider the classes and courses each training program offers and the curriculum quality. Do they provide instruction through slideshows, videos, or e-books?
  • Graduation Rate and Job Placement: How many students graduate and find a cannabis job with their credentials?
  • Technical and Student Support: Look for a cannabis college that can provide 24/7 assistance with any program issues.
  • Accreditation: Cannabis Training University is the ONLY INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED CANNABIS COLLEGE BY IACET!

Cannabis Schools – At a Glance

books stacked on a laptop with an apple

Cannabis education is available online and in person. If you are ready to take the next step in your cannabis education, consider the following cannabis training programs.

  • Cannabis Training University: CTU became the first online cannabis school in 2009 and provides the Master of Cannabis Certification, an all-inclusive program designed by industry-leading professionals. The world's leading online marijuana school with more graduates than all other online cannabis schools combined! Only internationally accredited cannabis school!
  • Oaksterdam University: Oaksterdam, the first cannabis college, provides live and online courses covering a broad range of aspects of the industry. (Very high priced for less information than CTU provides for a fraction of the price). (NOT AN ACCREDITED CANNABIS SCHOOL)
  • THC University: Online-based cannabis training school featuring courses on cultivation, business, budtending, and more. (not been updated in many years, extremely low ratings)
  • Cannabis Training Institute: Designed for entrepreneurs, CTI covers a range of business-related cannabis courses. (no updates since 2017) (NOT ACCREDITED)
  • Clover Leaf University: Clover Leaf offers seminars, live webinars, workshops, and scheduled classes. Very expensive. (NOT ACCREDITED)
  • Green Cultured: Denver-based eLearning program featuring free micro-courses and paid courses covering cultivation, business, medicine, and more. (uses the same material in each course multiple times, not rated highly) (NOT ACCREDITED)

Cannabis Training Programs Compared

Cannabis training programs vary in cost, quality, course offerings, flexibility, and other aspects. Here is a handy chart to help you compare the top cannabis schools.

 Cannabis Training UniversityOaksterdam UniversityTHC UniversityCannabis Training InstituteClover Leaf UniversityGreen CulturED
LocationOnlineOnline and Oakland, CAOnlineOnlineOnline and Denver, COOnline
Cost$299-$699$695-$2,995$187$129-$299$999-$2,000 $2999
CoursesCannabis Cultivation, Cannabis Cooking, Cannabis Careers, Cannabis as Medicine, Budtending, Cannabis Law, Cannabis Business, Extraction, CBD, Hemp, Dispensary Management, Master Grower Jobs, Indoor Cannabis cultivation, Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation, Terpenes, Cannabinoids. Cannabis jobs for all US states. Cannabis Laws for all US States, Canada, and 47 countries worldwide!Cultivation, Business, Budtending, CBD and HempCBD, Terpenes, Budtending, Cultivation, Safety Regulations, BusinessCultivation, Business, Edibles, Budtending, Dispensary ManagementBudtending, Cultivation, Laws, BusinessCultivation, Medicine, Laws, Workplace Safety, Management
Graduates 70,000 (more than all others combined)30,0001,9004502,0002,500
Instructional VideosTons of high-definition videos (most of all cannabis colleges combined)Classroom-style learning3 videos; mainly slideshowsNo videos or e-books; slide-show based programLive classes or slideshows24 videos
E-Books8 e-books by Ed Rosenthal (plus 72 downloadable and printable guides to keep forever!) 1 bookSlideshows; no e-booksSlideshows; no e-booksSlideshows; no e-books3 e-books

Cannabis Training University For The Win!

Cannabis Training University provides the best value for the price out of any other cannabis college. For just $299 to $699, you get tons of HD videos, e-books, downloadable handouts, and more.

You get a $3,500 value for a fraction of the price! Cannabis Training University's courses have been professionally valued by business valuation companies between $2,500 and $4,500, but CTU keeps the courses affordable so more students can enjoy the amazing content.

Check out our free cannabis e-books on budtending, growing, extraction, cooking, business, and more for a preview of our certification program.

Benefits of Enrolling at CTU: 

  • Reputation: As the first online cannabis school, CTU has experience providing a world-class education to students of all skill levels.
  • Industry-Leading Faculty: Our faculty includes top industry professionals and successful business owners.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Learn about a broad range of topics, such as cannabis cultivation, medicine, extraction, cooking, business, and careers, to become a cannabis expert.
  • Most Graduates in Cannabis JobsMore students have graduated and found cannabis jobs from CTU than at any other cannabis college.
  • Industry-Recognized Certification: More cannabis business owners recognize the CTU name than any other cannabis school.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help from a CTU representative any time, day or night.
  • Most recognized and most respected cannabis certification programs by hiring managers!
  • Most graduates working in the cannabis industry (more than all other cannabis schools combined)

For more information, read what our students say about their experience and  CTU celebrity endorsements.

It's clear to see that cannabis training programs compared is no comparison at all! CTU is the undisputed leader in cannabis education and the online internationally accredited marijuana school.

Enroll for the Master of Cannabis Certification Today!

Start your journey toward a rewarding and exciting career in the cannabis industry by enrolling in Cannabis Training University’s Master of Cannabis Certification program.

Become one of the thousands of CTU alumni who have found their dream cannabis job after getting their Cannabis Training University certificates. Enroll today and begin your cannabis education


Is Cannabis Training University accredited?

Yes! Cannabis Training University is accredited by IACET.

Is Cannabis Training University legit?

Yes, Cannabis Training University is legit. CTU has successfully trained and certified over 70,000 students since 2009.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

What is the leading cannabis college for online cannabis courses?

Cannabis Training University has been the leading cannabis college since 2009 and has over 85,000 graduates, the most in the world.

How do I get a job in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis Training University provides internationally accredited online cannabis job training certification programs for all US states, Canada, and 50 countries worldwide.

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