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Are you interested in earning industry credentials at an affordable price? Do you want to get certified to join the world's fastest-growing industry? If so, enrolling in a cannabis education program can prepare you to work or start a business in cannabis.

Students can choose from various industry training institutes, depending on their budget, schedule, location, and area of interest. Let's compare the most popular marijuana schools to determine which one is the best for you.

Compare Marijuana Schools

What is the best cannabis education program? It depends on various factors, including your skill level and budget. Whether you are looking to learn how to use cannabis as medicine or start a cannabis business, you can choose from various on-site and online training programs.

Cannabis Training University (Online)

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Since 2009, Cannabis Training University has been the leading cannabis education program in the world. As the country's first online marijuana school, CTU has experience providing comprehensive and online-based training solutions for students of all skill levels at an affordable price.

CTU is the only international IACET accredited cannabis school!

Students get 12 weeks of access to the Accredited Master of Cannabis Certification Program, featuring eight courses and ten certifications covering cannabis medicine, cultivation, extraction, cooking, careers, business, and law.

Our online cannabis career training programs are created by industry leaders and is regularly updated to reflect the latest cannabis laws, rules and regulations, research, and technologies. 

*No other cannabis college updates the US, Canada and worldwide cannabis laws as Cannabis Training University does!

Oaksterdam University (Oakland, CA)

Oaksterdam University, founded in 2007, provides students with cannabis education on various topics, including cannabis business, cultivation, and policy. Learn through several modules and assessments to pass a final certification exam. (Not accredited)

THC University (Online)

THC University offers online classes and certification programs covering CBD, terpenes, budtending, cultivation, safety regulations, and business. (Not accredited)

Cannabis Training Institute (Online)

Cannabis Training Institute is geared towards entrepreneurs who want to break through the industry. CTI provides courses on businesses, employee training, and other aspects of operating a business. (Not accredited)

Clover Leaf University (Online & Denver, CO)

Cloverleaf University provides students with seminars, workshops, live webinars, and scheduled classes covering various cannabis topics, including cannabis business, cultivation, budtending, and more. (Only Colorado accredited)

Green CulturED (Online)

GreenCulturED, based in Denver, offers “eLearning solutions” on various cannabis topics, including cultivation, medicine, dispensary management, and more. Students can try free micro-courses before signing up for a course. (Not accredited)

Price of Cannabis Schools

  • Cannabis Training University provides the Master of Cannabis Certification Program, featuring eight courses, for only $299 ($4,500 value), the best value compared to other cannabis colleges.
  • Cannabis Training Institute enrollment is between $229 and $399 per course with nothing updated in the past many years.
  • Oaksterdam University courses are between $700 and $2,995.
  • THC University enrollment costs $187 for a completely outdated program.
  • GreenCulturED enrollment is between $297 and $697 per course or certification with no known industry connections or value.
  • Clover Leaf University’s standalone classes are between $499 to $2,000 for certifications.

Course Offerings

  • Cannabis Training University: Cultivation, Cooking, Career, Medicine, Budtending, Law, Business, Extraction, Cannabis Jobs, CBD, Hemp, Compliance, Laws for all US States, Canada, and worldwide, Safety, Regulations, Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation, Terpenes.
  • Cannabis Training Institute: Cultivation, Business, Edibles, Budtending, Dispensary Management
  • Oaksterdam University: Cultivation, Business, Budtending, CBD and Hemp
  • Clover Leaf University: Budtending, Cultivation, Laws, Business
  • GreenCulturED: Cultivation, Medicine, Laws, Workplace Safety, Management
  • THC University: CBD, Terpenes, Budtending, Cultivation, Safety Regulations, Business 

Course Length

  • Cannabis Training University: Students get 12 weeks of access to the Master of Cannabis Certification Program.
  • Cannabis Training Institute: 12 months of access to the class
  • Oaksterdam University: 180-day access to each course or live semester classes over a 17-week period
  • Clover Leaf University: 3 to 4-hour course
  • GreenCulturED: Usually one year of enrollment unless otherwise noted 
  • THC University: Students usually finish in 3 to 6 months

Instructional Videos

  • Cannabis Training University provides over 200 high-definition videos featuring leaders in the industry.
  • Cannabis Training Institute does not include videos or e-books. They offer a slide-based program.
  • Oaksterdam University provides classroom-style learning.
  • Clover Leaf University offers live classes or slideshows.
  • GreenCulturED has 24 videos. 
  • THC University provides 3 videos but mostly slideshows.


  • Cannabis Training University provides up to 8 ebooks written by Ed Rosenthal, the “Guru of Ganja.”
  • Cannabis Training Institute: Slideshows, no ebooks.
  • Oaksterdam University: 1 book
  • THC University: Slideshows, no ebooks
  • GreenCulturED: 3 books
  • Clover Leaf University: Slideshows, no ebooks

Why Cannabis Training University Provides the Best Value

First Online Cannabis School

Cannabis Training University has been a world leader in online cannabis education since 2009.


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Only IACET/ANSI Internationally Accredited Cannabis College!

First to market, first online cannabis college way back in 2009!

Distinguished Faculty

Our esteemed faculty includes top cannabis growers, cannabis extractors, entrepreneurs, budtenders, edibles chefs, cannabis lawyers, and other leaders in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.

Best Value

For a small investment, CTU provides the best value in terms of course content and quality compared to other cannabis colleges. 

Most Graduates in Cannabis Jobs

Join tens of thousands of other CTU alumni who have graduated with flying colors, many of which have found careers or started cannabis businesses.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our multidisciplinary curriculum covers the most important aspects of the industry, including cannabis cultivation, extraction, cooking, law, medicine, careers, and business.

World-Class Certification

Showcase your knowledge and skills within CTU certification, the most recognized industry credentials in cannabis.

Educational Resources

Explore hundreds of hours of HD videos, ebooks, downloadable handouts, handy calculators, and other educational resources. 

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 assistance throughout your enrollment from a CTU representative.

Enroll in Cannabis Training University Today!

Ready to start your career or business in the cannabis industry

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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What should I study for the marijuana industry?

Eliminating the need for a college degree will significantly improve equity in the cannabis market. Skill-based training will continue to assist people in obtaining excellent employment.

What is the best cannabis training?

Cannabis Training University has been a world leader in online cannabis education since 2009 and is the only IACET cannabis college.

Is there a demand for cannabis industry jobs?

The size of the legal marijuana market in the world was estimated at USD 16.7 billion in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 25.4%. The market has grown mostly as a result of the rising demand for legal.

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