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As legal marijuana continues to be beneficial to more medical patients, its reputation has been changing. Even, though, this plant has been up front in the mainstream for a few years now, there are still critics and people who form their own negative opinion of it.

Today, there is more access to marijuana as the industry grows. For that reason, there are jobs like a marijuana critic that has come to light, adding to other cannabis jobs that are available.

In lieu of the fact that there are still some that do not think the plant is beneficial to health, it is always going to be placed under a microscope and that is why the industry needs to open up a job like a marijuana critic to do the leg work and research, providing people with details to make an informed decision.

What it Takes to be a Marijuana Critic

Marijuana Critic

The Publications

The cannabis industry has quite a few publications, online and offline that feature various reviews related to marijuana strains and cannabis products. Many of these reviews are done by a marijuana critic who delves into details about the various strains and their taste, quality, aroma, THC levels, CBD levels and medical effect; just to name a few.

When marijuana, both recreational and medical is legal, then reviews are viewed as being helpful, if someone is trying to determine whether a strain or product will be ideal for a customer. This gives the customer a bang for their money.

Write and Submit

If you want to become a marijuana critic, providing information to consumers, then you could consider being a writer for some of these online and offline magazines. As a cannabis writer of any of these magazines, you will be able to write honest critique that consumers will come to depend on for their ‘go to' information. You can choose to be a freelancer or work full time as a marijuana critic for an online or offline magazine.

Be aware that there could be huge competition. As a freelancer, you can come up with topics and make a pitch, get the approval of the editor, write a critique and submit it. If it is good or there is information in your piece that will help consumers, the magazine editor would approve.

As a freelance marijuana critic, you must have deep knowledge regarding the product or strain that you are writing about. Make specific notes of this.

Knowledge and Experience

You should synthesize your knowledge and experience about a specific marijuana product and write about it in a marijuana review. This will seem as if you are already familiar with the product. You will appear as an expert in the industry and in your field. You should be well-versed in a wide range of marijuana lingo. You also have to be quite efficient and willing to follow the specific guidelines set by a certain magazine.

Moving Forward

Not everyone will take a marijuana critic job as seriously as you may want them, but don't let anyone make you fit into their box. Instead, think outside the box and be forthcoming and courageous. Never take ‘NO' for an answer. Continue to persist and be proactive.

Do it Yourself

If you have put in several applications to find a marijuana critic job and it has not panned out, you may want to think about being proactive, finding creative ways to do so. There are certain online platforms that allow you to upload product reviews.

If you are social media savvy, you can take this approach. You could even think about doing a video and uploading it on Be sure that you include pertinent details and authentic information. This could be the ideal way for online magazines to see your work and contact you. You could possibly get the recognition you need as a writer or marijuana critic.

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Fred Hernandez

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