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If you want to be ready for the cannabis industry boom in Spain, check out our guide on the best Spain cannabis college. Currently, Spain is a hub for cannabis clubs and cannabis tourism. However, cannabis commercial activity is illegal.

If you want to be the first to break through the industry or just learn how to grow weed for personal use, enroll in Cannabis Training University’s online Spain cannabis college.

Do You Need A Cannabis Degree?

At the moment, Spain does not have any legal requirements to work in the cannabis industry. However, cannabis industry certification can help you stand out from the pool of applicants without industry certification when cannabis is legalized. Enrolling in a world-renowned cannabis education program is critical to impressing hiring managers.

Is Cannabis Legal In Spain?

Currently, cannabis is illegal for sale or trade in Spain. However, the country has decriminalized the personal cultivation and use of cannabis. It's illegal to use cannabis in public places, but you can consume it in the privacy of your home (or social clubs). If caught smoking in a public location, you may receive a hefty fine.

Spain’s decentralized regions make its laws even more confusing. For instance, the autonomous region of Catalonia legalized the use, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis in 2017. Under the country’s legal gray framework, membership-based cannabis clubs across the country have provided locals and tourists with a safe space to buy and enjoy weed.

Spain flag
Spain Flag

When Will Cannabis be Legalized In Spain?

Cannabis sale and distribution are illegal in the country. However, the country has slowly progressed toward legalizing cannabis. Currently, hemp and CBD are fast-growing markets. Its research programs are one of the most impressive in the world. Finally, far-left political parties have actively proposed legalization policies, which are gaining popular support.

All in all, Spain is closer than ever to legalizing cannabis for recreational use. In particular, Spanish lawmakers have been pushing for the legalization of the medical use and research of cannabis. As a generally tolerant country, experts predict that Spain could legalize cannabis by 2023. Will you be ready?

Cannabis Jobs In Spain

We're on the precipice of a cannabis industry explosion in Spain. Currently, most of the jobs in the industry operate under a legally gray framework. Most cannabis jobs are reserved for the cultivation, retail, and marketing of social clubs.

Cannabis Clubs

In the country’s most populous cities, cannabis clubs are a staple. Here are just a few available jobs in social clubs:

  • Reception: Receptionist and Security
  • Dispensary: Budtender
  • Bar/Cafeteria: Bartender
  • Operations: Dispensary Manager


  • Customer service experience
  • Language skills: English, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Hospitality industry experience
  • Ability to work in teams and with tourists from around the world
  • Knowledge of the retail cannabis industry
  • Experience in the cannabis industry (preferred)


Cannabis cultivation requires plenty of entry-level assistants to grow, trim, and package flower buds and produce its derivative products. In the cultivation space, companies are hiring growers and trimmers who can assist in the development of the plant and harvesting activities.

In order to excel in these jobs, you must work well with others, have a flexible schedule, have a good work ethic, and meet company goals. Cannabis industry education is an easy way to gain the skills you need to get hired.

Cannabis Education Course

In today's highly-competitive cannabis industry, it's important to have a well-rounded cannabis education. Knowing about every aspect of the industry helps you understand where you fit in. Plus, it helps you educate customers and work your way up the industry.

Spain Cannabis University

Spain cannabis college offers you a wide range of courses you can complete online. No need to commute to a classroom. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet and an internet connection.

Our cannabis college is a convenient and affordable option that offers you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

No need to choose a single course to dedicate yourself to. We offer a wide range of courses covering (but not limited to) the following:

  • How to grow cannabis
  • How to cook with cannabis
  • The differences in strains and products
  • How to extract cannabis resin
  • How to work in the industry
  • The medicinal uses of cannabis
  • And more!

Excel In Your Hobby or Career

Cannabis education isn’t just for future industry employees. If you want to learn how to grow cannabis for personal use, CTU offers you a comprehensive course on cannabis cultivation. Learn how to grow weed from seed. Find out how to get huge yields and dense buds full of resin. CTU can help beginners grow their garden and career.

How to Get a Cannabis Job In Spain

Getting a cannabis job in Spain isn’t easy. Since operations are mainly illegal at the moment, jobs aren't openly advertised. Instead, you'll have to know someone who works in the industry or ask cannabis clubs directly if they're hiring. Here are a few tips to get your foot in the door of the industry:

Online Cannabis College

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