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It's the happiest season of the year. So why not give the gift of weed education to your loved ones? Online cannabis industry training makes it easy to become a Master of Marijuana on their time and pace, and it's also very affordable.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect cannabis-related gift, give the gift that keeps on giving: weed education.

Here's why all your friends and family will love Cannabis Training University’s comprehensive online training program. Whether they're a complete newbie or a seasoned user, CTU’s curriculum has a little something for everyone.

For the Weekend Gardener

If your loved one is constantly on the go but manages to squeeze in time on the weekend or during the busy workday to tend to their indoor or outdoor plants, they'll love CTU’s growing marijuana course. The course gives students expert tips from veteran growers in the industry.

Learn about:

Even if the gift recipient has a black thumb, our curriculum breaks down the technical aspects of the cultivation process from seed to harvest in an easy-to-digest manner. CTU’s cannabis education can show you everything you need to know about growing cannabis, from sourcing healthy seeds to harvesting its flavorful, aromatic, and potent flower buds.

For the Home Chef

If your loved one is always in the kitchen cooking up a storm, our cooking and extraction course shows them how to use cannabis flower or concentrates as an ingredient in any food or drink you can imagine.

Learn about:

Our expert chefs can teach your home chef how to make weed gummies, cannabis coffee, desserts, salad dressings, infused chili, and so much more. This gift allows students to save money on edibles and learn a new skill to delight all holiday dinner guests.

For the Medical Patient

Medical cannabis empowers patients to use cannabis as an alternative or supplement to their conventional medication, which may have severe adverse effects with frequent use.


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Medical cannabis has been known to relieve various conditions and symptoms, including anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, nausea, cancer, and more.

Learn about:

  • History of medical cannabis
  • Qualifying conditions in legal states
  • How to register as a patient or caregiver
  • Medical cannabis program in Canada
  • The endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, and terpenes
  • Conditions treated by cannabis
  • How to administer cannabis through various delivery methods (inhalation, intraoral, transdermal, topical, oral ingestion)

Many recreational users can also use cannabis for health benefits such as stress relief, sleep aid, appetite loss or increase, and more. Our medical cannabis course teaches patients how to legally and safely consume cannabis without experiencing its mild adverse effects.

For the Entrepreneur

The cannabis industry is full of business opportunities for pure-play and ancillary entrepreneurs. Jumpstart your loved one's business ambitions with low-cost and comprehensive business training that can break down what it takes to survive in this new and evolving industry.

Learn about:

  • Government requirements to become licensed in the U.S. and Canada
  • How to create a business plan and pitch deck
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Inventory management
  • Insurance
  • How to run a cultivation, processing, dispensary, hemp retail, or ancillary business

We are proud to have industry veterans in our faculty. Our curriculum includes high-definition videos of cannabis business owners, chefs, growers, and processors showing how they built up their business, scaled operations, and remained state-compliant.

For the Job Seeker

Cannabis is the fastest-growing job sector in the nation. If your loved one is looking for a career change, CTU’s cannabis careers course is the perfect entry point. While there is no national standard certification for the cannabis industry, CTU has been around since 2009 and built a reputation for world-class job training and assistance.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Learn about:

  • Government requirements in U.S. and Canada for cannabis workers
  • Where to look for work
  • How to build your experience
  • How to write a resume and cover letter
  • Succeeding at the interview
  • How to get a job in cannabis cultivation, processing, retail. or ancillary sectors
  • Roles and responsibilities of the most popular cannabis jobs, education and experience required, and compensation and advancement

Working in cannabis can be an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for those who want to combine their passion for cannabis and career goals. Completing the certification’s final exam can give job seekers a competitive edge over the pool of applicants.

Share the Gift of Weed Education This Holiday Season

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Give the gift of cannabis education by enrolling at Cannabis Training University. This holiday season, your loved one will appreciate the online industry training to start the year fresh with new skills and training to grow their hobby, career, or business. Are you interested in gifting weed education? Learn more about our online cannabis courses.

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