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Marijuana recipes are becoming more and more popular as the cannabis industry evolves.

You are likely aware that marijuana has been around for many thousands of years. What you may not have known is that until the 16th Century, marijuana was rarely smoked and much more commonly used orally. Cooking with cannabis is a popular method of use, becoming more and more popular once more. One reason for this upswing is that recipes are getting far more advanced and more delicious in gourmet cooking.

Another reason is that the THC when absorbed orally has an effect lasting twice as long as when the plant is smoked. Just remember, it also takes much longer for the THC to take effect so don't continue eating if it seems there is no change. Starting with small amounts of food should be taken to determine its impact on your body before regularly using marijuana as an ingredient.

Furthermore, there are seemingly countless marijuana recipes floating around to choose from, developed by growers, chefs, and users alike. Because of the sheer number of recipes, in this article we will focus on just a few basic staples and some helpful tips for creating each, as opposed to the recipes themselves. Looking for marijuana recipes?

Cannabis Butter Recipe

One of the most common methods of using cannabis in cooking is through marijuana-infused butter. Because butter is used in so many recipes, infusing it with weed and then cooking with that in place of regular butter can be done in any recipe where the butter is used. To make cannabis butter, just melt one stick of butter in a saucepan and then add one-quarter ounce of cannabis buds that are finely ground. Simmer on low and stir periodically for approximately 30-45 minutes. Using a fine mesh strainer, pour the butter into a container or butter mold removing the ground bud. The butter can be used immediately, or be stored for future use.

Marijuana Brownies Recipe

Weed brownies are perhaps one of the most referenced edible marijuana creations. No basic list of recipes would be complete without one for this famous treat. Pot brownie recipes will of course vary between bakers in both method and ingredients used.

There are a couple helpful tips for this creation including a reminder to use the actual bud instead of the marijuana-infused butter. The bud should be finely ground and added to the flour. You can use marijuana leaf as well.

However, it will not be as effective. Use caution and start with one small brownie. You can always eat more if needed, but avoid binging or eating too much right away which can be unpleasant.

Hot Weed Coffee, Tea, and Other Beverages

With your cannabis butter, you can enjoy hot weed coffee, tea, and other warm beverages using your favorite brand, flavor, or beverage type. Simply make your coffee or tea from your teabag as normal, and add cannabis butter to taste. A little butter goes a long way so don’t overdo it.

Pot Toppings and Dips

Most of us enjoy a great dip such as salsa, guacamole, French onion, and many others. A lot of us also greatly enjoy toppings whether it is caramel sauce for our ice cream or mustard for out hot dog. By using cannabis butter or cannabis oil, you can create almost any marijuana infused topping or dip you can imagine.

Keep in mind, marijuana butter is convenient, but it may not be the best method of infusion depending on your dip. The same is true for cannabis oil so keep in mind which method would seem most logical depending on what you are making.

Food is not only needed to survive, it often provides comfort, satisfies our desire for enjoyment, and allows us to have a creative outlet. Making food with marijuana can be very enjoyable and may even offer a great career for those who love to cook. Like anything, learning as well as trial-and-error are the best ways to learn a craft well.

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