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When you are smoking weed or even a vape pen or eating cannabis edibles, you can get a high from either of them. It all depends on the THC level that is found in the marijuana strain that you might have used. It also depends on how much of the weed or cannabis edibles you have consumed. The effect can be different with each. You could have an instant feeling of relaxation. You could feel a sense of euphoria. You could become quite meditative with creative thoughts and possibly more energy.

The Effects

These types of effects will eventually wear off, but for the most part, cannabis edibles will last for a considerable longer time. Weed will give you an immediate high while cannabis edibles take a longer time to get you high. For example, you might consume a half of brownie made with marijuana strain that has a high level of THC. However, even though, the THC level is high, you won't get that instant high. It will take between half an hour and an hour for it to get into your bloodstream and give you an effect. In any event, it is going to take control in how much of the weed or cannabis edibles you consume. Let's talk more about edibles.

Consuming Edibles

When you consume cannabis edibles, the psychoactive effect kicks in later and may bring on different reactions such as paranoia, uncontrollable laughter, sleepiness and other symptoms. You should not consume too much because the amount will dictate the level of reaction that you portray. If you notice there is no reaction within an hour of consuming any form of cannabis edibles, it doesn't mean that you should consume more. It means that you should wait some more to feel the effect. It is best to take the dosage you consider enough to relax you instead of making you paranoid. Be wise in your decisions so that you are mentally prepared for the outcome.

Difference in Dosage

When you are considering dosage for your cannabis edibles, 10 milligrams should be the serving size in relations to THC levels. To avoid overdosing, stay within the 10 milligram size. For instance, if you were to consume a chocolate bar that contains 10 milligrams in each of the 10 squares, then that would be 100 milligrams altogether. So, in this case, you would consume only one square. When you know the amount that you are consuming, it makes it easier to choose wisely. Be sure not to consume cannabis edibles on an empty stomach. It will only enhance your reaction to the product.

With a marijuana joint, it is a little bit difficult to measure the THC level. You would generally measure the cannabis strain in grams. Most people don't use a scale to measure how much weed they use in a joint. When you use a vape pen, though, it can only fit that much weed. So, you will be able to control how much you use and smoke.

Eating Versus Smoking

Which one of these is healthier? Is it eating cannabis edibles or smoking weed? It is meditative to roll a joint and then sit back with friends and smoke it. Some people think that smoking marijuana could be unhealthy since you have to inhale it and have by products get inside your lungs. Smoking in general does that. However, you can use a vaporizer or vape pen instead to get a healthier smoke. Cannabis edibles in comparison are considered safer as it relates to your health since you don't have to use your lungs. Moreover, you have so many options available to how you make cannabis edibles such as cakes, potato fries, cake, salad dressing and biscuits; just to name a few.

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